Illusions Of Influence: a treatise on equivoque

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Samuel Catoe
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Illusions Of Influence: a treatise on equivoque

Postby Samuel Catoe » April 30th, 2008, 12:53 am

I wanted to let you guys know about a new book that is now available. It is Illusions of Influence and is my treatise on how to use equivoque. For anyone who is interested in purchasing this book, I accept Paypal to I also accept check (which must clear before shipping) and US postal money order. The price is $35 for US addresses and $45 for all other locations. If you have any questions about my book email me

Illusions of Influence takes equivoque where it has not gone before. This book takes a close and detailed look at an oft misused technique of magic and mentalism. With contributions from some of mentalisms brightest minds, Illusions of Influence teaches equivoque from the ground up. If you have ever wanted to use equivoque, have used it in the past, or are using it now; you need this book in your library.

This is an important new work on the equivoque that will encourage those who've been reluctant to try it to go out and do it. Sam's handling and ideas make the procedure natural and easy to remember. Full time pro, author, and creator of the Brown Hornet, John Riggs

"Its been a number of years when any decent work on "E" has been written, and I think Sam possibly has written a new standard." Billy Enigmar

Samuel Catoe

Samuel Catoe
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Re: Illusions Of Influence: a treatise on equivoque

Postby Samuel Catoe » June 1st, 2008, 2:36 am

I would like to thank those of you who have purchased this book. So far it has been well received by both the community as well as some members of the PEA. If you have been sitting on the fence here is what Jheff of Marketplace of the Mind had to say about it.

"There is no question that equivoque (verbal control) is an
essential and powerful technique to the working mentalist.
Unfortunately, there have only been a few good texts on the
subject, notably by Phil Goldstein (Max Maven) and Docc
Hilford. Samuel Catoe has undertaken the task of providing
a primer that explores the subject and is definitely a
must-have for those who are starting out in mentalism, or
have been afraid of trying this technique. After reading
this, you should have much more confidence in your ability
to take any number of objects and control participants to
select one of the objects. Included as bonuses in this work
are Greg Arce's classic Scorch and Floater, two incredible
examples of equivoque. These are in addition to a few more
included routines, including one by Nicholas Belleas. This
52-page, 5.5" by 8.5" booklet is only available from the

Contact me if you are interested in purchasing a copy.
Now available Illusions of Influence: a treatise on equivoque for details

Elliott B
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Re: Illusions Of Influence: a treatise on equivoque

Postby Elliott B » May 5th, 2009, 10:55 pm

I enjoyed this book and found the information on Magician's Choice useful.

(No doubt, you may be rightfully hesitant to trust a review comment from someone with just one post. For some reason, my login info stopped functioning on this board a while back one or two years? I tried re-registering a bunch of times, but the board would not allow me to set up an account under the same name. Finally, today, I decided to just add an extra space. It worked, but my post count is down to zero.)

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