The Adventures of Winston Freer

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The Adventures of Winston Freer

Postby Todd Karr » April 8th, 2008, 2:39 pm

Hi, everyone

Announcing the latest in our series of CD-ROMs featuring extensive collections of material on various characters in the art of magic: The Adventures of Winston Freer.

Winston Freer (1910-1981) was one of magic's cleverest inventors. Current innovators like Gaetan Bloom consider him a genius and a hero. U. F. Grant said Freer was fifty years ahead of the rest of the magic world.

In this collection of rare material, you will learn some of Winston Freer's most famous secrets: freezing ice in his bare hand, his no-key Linking Rings, his uncanny rope methods, growing a real tree by magic, and other unusual impossibilities.

The Adventures of Winston Freer CD collects 200 pages of material in convenient PDF-form, fully indexed, with 50 effects, combining Freer's booklets and articles, an incredible collection of his letters, memorabilia, news items, sketches, and notes to provide an unprecedented look at this brilliant creator. You'll even see a brief video of Freer performing his suspension in 1941! This CD will reveal the man behind some of the most daring and creative magic of our time.

You can order The Adventures of Winston Freer CD now at the brief introductory price of $25 (regular $30) at

(By the way, I'm looking forward to Gene Matsuura's long-awaited Freer book with his extensive research. I asked for Gene's assent before announcing this CD of Freer material and will be sharing all this CD's research with him for his eventual great Winston Freer book.)

Best wishes,
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