Fantasma Magic in New York City!

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Eli Bosnick
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Fantasma Magic in New York City!

Postby Eli Bosnick » March 27th, 2008, 12:26 am

Hey everybody,
In case you dont know about it Fantasma Magic in NYC is quickly becoming one of the top magical hangouts in the city. Its located at 33rd and 7th Ave and is well worth the trip. As well as a huuuuuuge variety of tricks and gaffs, there is a large collection of genuine Houdini and Magic related memorabilia (the original subtrunk, an original Dai vernon book of magic, Houdini's cuffs and lockpicks, and much much more) but that's not why magicians are constantly hanging out there. The real reason is because of the people. Simon Lovell is a regular on Saturdays and David Roth works there! Also there are great magicians like J.P and Magic as well. Its a great place to jam and meet some serious magicians. Daniel Garcia drops in as does Chris Angel and David Blaine. Last month Johnny Thompson lectured for about 4 hours. You have to see it to believe it. But wait, there's more ;) they also have a forum on their website where both David Roth and Simon Lovell personally answer any questions you might have. So check it out and Drop in


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Re: Fantasma Magic in New York City!

Postby Spellbinder » March 27th, 2008, 8:30 am

My Calendar of Magic Lectures (on my site) shows Helder Guimaraes will be lecturing at Fantasma on April 10th and Reed McClintock on April 22nd. You're right! It is fast becoming a center in the Big Apple where magic events are happening. This is not to take away from Tannen's in NYC which is having the Will Houstoun Lecture on April 30th, but a little competition never hurt and it's all good for magicians who want to learn from the best.
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