Tyler Wilson & Andi Gladwin Lecture April 1 Chicago Area Exclusive

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Tyler Wilson & Andi Gladwin Lecture April 1 Chicago Area Exclusive

Postby Guest » March 30th, 2007, 6:35 am

This Sunday, April 1 at 1 p.m., Midwest Magic
is Proud to Present:

A Chicagoland exclusive DOUBLE April Foreign Fooling Fest with--

Tyler Wilson & Andi Gladwin

First, Tyler Wilson: "Tyler Wilson has a wonderful, creative mind. His
work with cards is top notch."--Joshua Jay

With his origins shrouded in mystery, Tyler Wilson has hit the scene
like a left hook to the solar plexus.
Anyone who has seen Tyler perform cannot argue that he is one of the
funniest, most creative and original magicians in the world. At six
foot five, he's a giant that towers above the crowd: and not just in
stature. Whether he's breaking into a crazy dance in the middle of a
trick or bursting into tears as he produces a spectator's card, you
never know what Tyler is going to do next, but you can bet it'll be

Of course, there's more to Tyler Wilson than the ultimate prankster.
His magic is visual, original and extremely strong. He makes his living
performing close up magic for restaurants and corporate clients in his
home country, Canada. He has lectured several times in his own country
and in the United States and England, receiving rave reviews from all
Although his tricks have graced the pages of several magic magazines
(including many appearances in both MAGIC and Genii magazines), Tyler
has finally released Dominatricks, his first collection of the material
which he has been holding back for years (even his mom doesn't know
about it).He has received substantial praise from those who use his
material in their professional repertoires. Now it's your turn to learn
from Tyler Wilson!

"Part magical innovator, part North American sasquatch, Tyler Wilson is
primed and ready to hold the magic world upside down by its ankles and
shake it into submission. Only then will he return to the

From the United Kingdom...Andi Gladwin

"Andi Gladwin is extremely clever."--MAGIC Magazine

Andi has achieved a great deal in just a few years.
He was voted number one young close-up magician by the Magic Circle,
appeared on TV numerous times and was invited by Lance Burton to perform
in Las Vegas for a TV special! If this wasn't enough he was coming up
with numerous original tricks and sleights for publication in almost all
of the major magic magazines.

Last year MAGIC Magazine broke their normal rules and devoted the entire
TalkAbout Tricks section to Andi's original creations. He received
Emails and letters from magicians worldwide saying that some of his
tricks had gone straight into their professional repertoires. In the
same year he was invited by the magazine's editor to speak at the
industry leading Magic Live convention in Las Vegas and at the beginning
of 2005 was flown to Atlanta to lecture in front of some of the world's
most hardcore card magicians at the TSD convention.

Andi is one of the most creative magicians in the UK and his tricks
range from self working why-didn't-I-think-of-that miracles to finger
busting sleight of hand effects. Andi has a long, prosperous future in
magic ahead of him and I'm certain he will give us many surprises along
the way!

TWO great lectures for ONE low price...$25 reserves your seat for this
afternoon of great magic! Call soon for best seats.



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