John Luka to lecture in New York City on September 17th

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John Luka to lecture in New York City on September 17th

Postby Guest » September 3rd, 2007, 6:30 am

John Luka will be presenting a lecture for the Parent Assembly on Monday, September 17th, 7:45 PM at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, 1425 Madison Avenue (98th Street), Seminar Room, Main Floor or room 11-84 (depending on availability), New York, New York.

This lecture contains material from Johns new book, Uncovered. You will find routines that range in skill level from nearly self-working to some that are a bit more challenging. However, you will NOT find any knuckle busters in the items presented. Some of the magic includes a no palm card to wallet that kills and is easy to do and a three-ball routine that youll be scratching your head over.

Featured is Licked At Last, which the experts are calling the best yet In The Hands Triumph. Another stand out item is Back To The 19th Century, an incredible assembly that will make you a believer.

Theres even more great stuff that you will find works well in the real world. Each and every effect has been audience tested over the years. So, you know youre getting the real deal. Every item that John performs at the lecture will be fully explained.

Although not new to magic, John is new to the lecture scene. Dont let that deter you. You will find that Johns lecture contains more do-able, practical magic than most lectures. Attend this lecture and find out for yourself. Youll be glad you did.

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