New Jersey, NY, PA, NH, CT and MA Jam sessions?

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New Jersey, NY, PA, NH, CT and MA Jam sessions?

Postby Guest » September 21st, 2007, 1:50 pm

Hello Everyone.

Bill Abbott and I will once again be hitting the road for a month of fun, magic, and him yelling at me because I stink at navigating.

We will be in New York for a few days, Marc Desouza's, Denny and Lee's, Barry's Magic, as well as some of the local clubs. We would LOVE to meet up with guys, jam, and grab a bite to eat. If anyone here is interested in getting together, please let me know!

Ben Train.
Anyone who gets the chance should also of course come out to the lectures and workshops- Both are fantastic!

September 26, Lecture Parsippanny, New Jersey SAM #168
September 27, Lecture Ashland, MA
September 28, 29 & 30 Time Off (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
October 1, Lecture New Haven, CT
October 2, Lecture Manchester, NH
October 3, Lecture Boston Mass. Club
October 4, Thing Workshop @ Diamonds MAgic Store Peabody, MA
October 5, Lecture SAM Club NYC @ the Rockefeller Center
October 6, Thing Workshop @ Denny & Lee's
October 7, Barry's Magic shop, Washington
October 8, Lecture, Greenbrook, New Jersey
October 9, Lecture, Philadelphia, PA
October 11, Lecture, Harrisburg, PA

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