May I See the (Magic) Menu?

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May I See the (Magic) Menu?

Postby Dustin Stinett » March 25th, 2003, 8:16 pm

The latest issue of The Magic Menu arrived at the Stinett compound. Officially noted as the "Autumn 2002" issue, there are a couple of new items listed on The Menu this quarter. Alain Nu begins his new column by sharing his insights on "Baggage" (excess and otherwise). Scott Davis will be a regular and will be sharing his knowledge with "Real-World Marketing" which, given the economic times, will be of even greater importance to the full-time professional. I suspect that this column, coupled with Eric Henning's continued "The Financial Wizard" column will make The Magic Menu worth much more than its subscription price to the working professional.

Speaking of Eric Henning's column: this quarter's subject is a sobering look at an issue that should be addressed by everyone regardless of how one makes a living.

Being the "book-boy" that I am, David Acer's look at the "Lost & Found" of magic's literature has quickly become my favorite part of The Menu and this issue's look at Bert Allerton and Robert Parrish's The Close-Up Magician (Ireland Magic Co. 1958) does not disappoint.

Richard Robinson reminds us in "Virtual Magic" that communication is important and that, given how much easier it is today with email, there is no excuse for neglect in this area. Thank you Richard.

Paul Green's "In the Trenches" shares a great story that I was fortunate to hear from its contributor shortly after it happened and it is not only a cute story, but also a reminder of how we need to pay attention and take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves.

Mark Zacharia reviews Paul Green and Lee Earle's "latest" efforts in "Perspectives: Magic in Review." I say "latest" because, given that it's a quarterly, reviews in The Menu will be a tad dated. That is not to say that they are any less relevant. Mr. Zacharia's perspective is an important one since it comes from the point of view that would be most in common with the readership of The Menu.

Jim Sisti's piece on "What's in a Name" gave me pause since there was a time when I was a "trick" snob (as in use of the word). I'm happy to say that I am less so, and found the actual lesson of the article very well made. Perhaps he will next address the word "patter," which I still hate (I prefer "lines" or "script").

I have not yet jumped into the two tricks offered up by Jim Sisti and Andrew J. Pinard (one each), but they both certainly look interesting. Tricks were my motivating factor when I originally subscribed to The Menu all those years ago because it offered the type that suited me the best. However it didn't take long for me to shift my preferences. The tricks are still good, but what I like best is the information being so freely shared by those who "walk the walk." Whether I learn something new or it affirms something I figured out for myself and believe to be correct, The Magic Menu continues to be a great source of information and inspiration.

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