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mentis magazine

Postby Guest » October 26th, 2007, 1:18 am


I arrived home last night after one of those days at work, to discover my post box, crammed with goodies.

Of these, the best item was the first issue of the new magazine for mentalists Mentis.

This magazine, is published by Scotty Watson, a familiar name to those of us who trawl through the various internet forums on a regular basis.
Indeed, in his first editorial, he mentions that the publication started as a pipe dream on the sanctum, and the psychological Illusion communities back in july.

The magazine boasts a fine collection of experts on its list of contributors.

First up, is an essay by Richard Osterlind called what are you trying to accomplish as a mentalist.
It makes interesting reading.

Our own Craig Browning always makes for good reading, and in his piece why mentalism, he yet again offers some strong, straight advice.

Next we have an interview with Marc Paul.
Marcs given many interviews about his performing carer over the years, and like this, they are always good, entertaining pieces.

Editor Scotty Watson, then gives the reader the chance to read an excerpt from his up coming book Mentalism By Numb3rs.
This being on the subject of magic squares.

I dont do magic squares.As fascinating as scottys piece is, I still dont do magic squares.
Its well worth the read ,because it covers areas of mental magic that are not over covered in other works.

Jonathon Royle then discusses Routines using the suggestion of the Chakras, or 3rd eye. In the right hands this stuff will make reputations.

For Me, the next couple of chapters on Dunninger, was the highlights of the mag.
The first autobiographical, the second a piece written in the style of Dunninger by Joseph Atmore.

Looch then gives an important talk on how to react when the impossible happens. You know, those happy mistakes, when you accidently get it right, with no work. Brilliant stuff that.

Harry Trueman then gives a two phase routine, that will blow your socks off.
Starting with a spiker type of effect ( thats 100% safe) and ending with a drawing duplication.

Psycrets, and the Tabula mentis meeting ( its tomorrow..Yay!) Get a plug,
Naked Mentalism, is reviewed, then Finaly, Scotty Takes us through some basic expansions on NLP and suggestion.

Mentis, is interesting, and thought provoking reading.
If your into mentalism, it would be well worth investing in this piece.

Its available from

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Re: mentis magazine

Postby naquada » July 7th, 2008, 11:20 am

has anyone actually got an copies past issue 2?? the first two come out.. and then nothing.... radio silence from the email address and the post...
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