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Postby Guest » June 29th, 2006, 2:44 pm

Although not a member of the Magic Circle, I very much enjoyed attending the Centenary Celebrations in July 2005.

While attending a number of the events, I was conscious that most were being filmed for the record and it was great to see some of the footage at the Blackpool Convention in February this year the tributes to Bob Read and Alex Elmsley included clips which had obviously been filmed at the Centenary Celebrations.

A short while later, while reading Liz Warlocks April column in the Linking Ring magazine, she disclosed that a DVD containing some of the highlights from the celebrations was enclosed with a recent copy of the Magic Circular and I wondered if there were any plans to make this DVD available to the wider magical community or, at least, to those who attended the Celebrations but are not members of the Magic Circle.

I dropped a note to the Magic Circle to enquire further but, alas, no response - well, they are a secretive bunch.

I wondered if any of my fellow learned Genii Forum Members had any furher information????

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Re: Magic Circular

Postby Matthew Field » June 30th, 2006, 1:18 am

I'm the editor of The Magic Circular, the monthly magazine of The Magic Circle, and not quite so secretive.

A 2-hour DVD of highlights from The Magic Circle Centenary Celebrations last July was issued to all members in February of this year, enclosed with the magazine. I believe this was the first time a DVD of completely original material has ever been included as a 'bonus' with a magic magazine.

Rights restrictions on the performances preclude the DVD being sold.

Magic Circle members received a very valuable bonus.

Matt Field

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