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Penumbra Announcement

Postby Brad A._dup1 » February 27th, 2002, 10:08 pm

The following comes from Bill Goodwin:

William Goodwin and Gordon Bean announce the grand opening of a new location for original magic. Borrowing its name from the secret small hotel that provides its base, The Penumbra will arrive every other month with twelve photo-illustrated pages filled with four-star material. Among our contributing guests: Allan Ackerman, Simon Aronson, Lee Asher, Rafael Benatar, Jack Carpenter, Bruce Cervon, Ernest Earick, Steve Ehlers, Bob Farmer, Fenik, Aaron Fisher, Norman Gilbreath, Phil Goldstein, John Gustaferro, Harrison Kaplan, Chris Korn, Ray Kosby, James Patton, Tony Picasso, Mark Setteducati, Allan Slaight, and Roy Walton.

As this list of highlights indicates, The Penumbra's first year is already booked to near capacity. As with any hotel, though, the sudden arrival of a particularly prestigious guest can magically create more room. In this case, it's hard to imagine an arrival more illustrious: Stewart James with the recently unearthed manuscript bearing the method for his legendary 51 Faces North. Feared to be lost forever, this has been the most sought-after unrevealed problem in card magic for nearly fifty years.
The story of how Allan Slaight finally found this manuscript is almost as amazing as its contents. Allan's story, as well as the unveiling of the method for 51 Faces North, will be featured in the inaugural May/June issue of The Penumbra.

Also in the inaugural issue:
Power Trip allows a performer to visually transfer electricity from one battery to another. So convincing that the handyman here tried to keep us away from the fuse box.
King Brand, an eye-popping transposition, has long circulated in the underground, spawning many variations. Appearing in print for the first time, its impact can now be felt beyond these walls.
Tie Food features the Direct Steal, an amazingly clean coin vanish, in a whimsical plot involving a money-hungry necktie. Another good reason to dress for dinner.

Starting now, the place to be is The Penumbra.

Rates are $50.00 (U.S.) for a six-issue (one-year) subscription in the United States and Canada. All other foreign countries add $20.00 (U.S.) for airmail delivery. Checks should be made payable to William Goodwin and sent to:

William Goodwin, 2641 South J Street, Oxnard, California, 93033-4469
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