Half-Baked issue 11 just released

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Half-Baked issue 11 just released

Postby Guest » March 3rd, 2003, 12:02 pm

Just to let y'all know, the latest installment of magical creativity and innovation has been released.

Issue Eleven - "January" 2003

(X) Questions

The feature article by Dale Hildebrandt offers up a quick way to get your brain thining in terms of new routines. Also, the first installment of a new column called "Brain Under Pressure" all about Ryan Pilling's adventures in finding material for a new weekly show. In the notebook we have David Acer's reveloutionary "tubbing the nuts" technique, a motown card trick, methods for a magically un-spreading deck, and other bits with poodles, M&M's, teddy bears and more. The issue also includes som thoughts on developing a creative mindset. 12 pgs.



Ryan Pilling

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P.P.S. No... I really DON'T want to know what all the "Half-Baked" references point to!


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