Swedish Magicians - mini-biographies

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Swedish Magicians - mini-biographies

Postby Guest » December 29th, 2007, 10:31 am

In the Magic Circular - the magazine for The Magic Circle - januari 2008 yo can find a review by Eddie Dawes - Sveriges trollkarlar:

This volume, titled Sveriges Trollkarlar (Swedish Magicians) is a remarkable compilation of mini-biographies of 1.165 Swedish magicians and is illustrated with photographs of some 500 of them. Their magical society affiliations are recorded totalling almost forty different clubs amongst which are The Magic Circle and the IBM. The entries vary in length and include many familiar names from the past and present such as Baron Seeman, Balabrega (who was killed by an explosion on stage in Brazil), Nate Leipzig, Brazil Jack, Herman Hanson, Topper Martyn, El Duco, Lennart Green, Jan Janson, Johnny Lonn, Marc-Wogau MMC, Conny Ray and Tornedo. Some seventeen entries are of female performers.

There are surprises too film star Ingrid Bergman warrants an inclusion by virtue of her appearance as a magicienne at the Cirque dHiver in Paris in 1957, and there is an act that was called The Goodlooking Brothers, although there isnt a photo to prove or disprove the accuracy of their title! We find too that compiler Christer Nilsson is actually Christer el Ricco. The text is entirely in Swedish, which presents a problem fot those of us unfamiliar with the language, but for the historian of magic this record of Swedish practitioners of the art is a valuable one and we commend the author for his excellent compilation. Overall the book is nicely produced with the text in double column format.


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