Great tricks on Robinson's MAGIC SHOW

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Great tricks on Robinson's MAGIC SHOW

Postby Steve Bryant » June 4th, 2007, 7:50 am

Even before I began The Little Egypt Gazette (now an incredible 12 years ago!), Richard Robinson had a webzine called MAGIC SHOW that he updated weekly, and has continued to do so all these years. Richard's site currently features two doozies of magic tricks, Presto Cam and Outside In, each of which he could have marketed for $20 or so. Check them out.


Re: Great tricks on Robinson's MAGIC SHOW

Postby Guest » June 4th, 2007, 11:11 am

Yes, Magic Show is one of my Favorite sites, and it's even bookmarked (like Genii). I've visited it for at least 8 years and every week there's something new. Well sometimes he features an effect that has been on the site before but that only helps me to remember some of the magic I see there and start doing the magic again (some of those effects are so good that their being up there again after a while guarantees that the magic is top notch). All through the years Richard has shared lots of magic effects and like this time, some of the effects have a PDF that you use to get the necessary something to perform the magic.

Through this message I want to thank Richard for sharing his inventiveness once more and hope to see more magic by him for many, many more years. Go to the site now before another effect takes over and you miss the ones Steve mentions. The site changes from Wednesdays to Thursdays but the featured effects are still on the site for a few more weeks so you have plenty of time.

Thanks again, Richard.


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