"Little Egypt" Updated for January

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"Little Egypt" Updated for January

Postby Dustin Stinett » January 20th, 2003, 11:20 pm

Steve Bryant's "Little Egypt Magic" site has been updated for January. In case you are not aware, The Little Egypt Gazette was one of the first free monthly magic magazines on the web. The magazine is history, but the site is still "erratically updated" and is one of my favorite sites. It should be one of yours too. You can usually find short but informative reviews of a book and trick or two and news of interest--including kindred news, which can be hard to find. Occasionally you will hear it there first (I didn't know the fifth Harry Potter book was at the publisher--I do now). This particular installment also happens to have the most lucid take on the controversial WMS roast I have read yet. It always helps when you hear it from an actual attendee. "Little Egypt" can be found at:


It's worth noting that Volume Two of the LEG is still available online, but be warned: as soon as you get into it you'll realize that you have found some of the most entertaining reading on the web. You will want to read Volume One, but to get that you'll need to purchase the complete Little Egypt Gazette on CD through the site. Some excellent magic can be found within its "pages." A true bargain at a measly $24 (domestic postpaid). And no: I don't owe Mr. Bryant a favor. I just happen to like his site and the LEG very much--I know you will too.


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