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The Underground Collective

Postby Jamie Badman » November 21st, 2003, 10:31 am


Our new website is now live!

On it we are selling several brand new products, three of which are available as 'instant downloads' (two ebooks and a utility) and a fourth - 'Heirloom' - is now available for pre-order.

Heirloom is very exciting - here's what Kenton Knepper has to say about it:

Heirloom involves a wonderful story, sneaks in memories and emotion, and ends upon a true sense of awe. I am all for wonder being spread around the world, and this routine does that. It causes people to shift their consciousness, even if they are somewhat cynical.
We think you'll like it - and pre-orders made on out site receive some additional 'bonus' material which is only available from us! Support the creators ;-)

Anyway, take a look, see what you think - and sign up on our 'mailing list' to be kept informed of some very exciting developments that will be announced shortly!


Jamie Badman.

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