Silver Shifter by Keith A. Lack and Steve Brooks

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Silver Shifter by Keith A. Lack and Steve Brooks

Postby Guest » February 9th, 2003, 8:36 pm

Hi all,

I wanted to let you know about a new utility coin device I have developed with the help of Steve Brooks. It is called Silver Shifter and I think many will find a ton of uses for it. We have a video demo up at . Also I have a site at . This site is loaded with magic to appeal to the discriminating performer and collector. We hand make all our items and off a money back guarantee if upon receipt of the item, you are unhappy. A R L E N S T U D I O, is a haven of handmade magic and curiosities. Come see us, wont you?


Re: Silver Shifter by Keith A. Lack and Steve Brooks

Postby Guest » February 10th, 2003, 3:25 am

Looks great, but are you going to make any coins in another currency? I think many magicians in europe is interested in this coin effect.

Pete McCabe
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Re: Silver Shifter by Keith A. Lack and Steve Brooks

Postby Pete McCabe » February 10th, 2003, 11:14 am


Jeez, I hate to be a nudge, but I looked at your website and I viewed the sample movie, and I can't help but ask.

Here's the text from your website:

As you'll see in the video clip below, the coin visibly bends, and never leaves their sight during the bend! Once bent, you immediately drop the coin into their hands for thorough inspection-it's a real halfdollar, and your hands are shown empty front and back! The effect this has on both laymen and magicians alike is truly astonishing!

No funny switches.
No weird palm offs.
No pressure.
No heat.
No kidding!
However, in the video I saw, the coin was not immediately dropped into the spectator's hand after bending. Instead it was placed into the other hand, in a manner that seemed quite unnatural to me. After being squeezed in this hand, the coin was dropped onto the table, but the hands were not shown front and back. The hand was instead moved away in a rigid-looking position.

All together, this movement seemed to qualify as a "funny switch", at least to me, and it sure looked like there was a palm-off.

Is this just the fault of the video clip supplied, or is the text not entirely correct?


Re: Silver Shifter by Keith A. Lack and Steve Brooks

Postby Guest » February 12th, 2003, 8:17 pm

Yes, other currencies will be available soon.

As to the vid clip, it is very difficult to get an actual idea as to all that is possible in the context of a small frame. Admittedly, it was very tough to keep my hands in the frame during the demo. Since the demo was shot, Peter Lougran has come up with a much better handling where the coin dose not leave the spectators site during the bend. Actually, my handling in the video dos not leave the site during the bend either. I put the coin into the other hand as I were a wedding ring and did not want it to flash making you think it was a pre bent coin. As I stated, Peter has a much better and cleaner handling. Admittedly, I am a much better inventor than a magician. But I am not bad in that regard either. We sent out prototypes to the coin guys like Reed McClintock, Paul Chosse, Curtis Kam, David Neighbors and others. All of whom think the Silver Shifter is a wonderful new coin device. Actually, they are think the bending thing is such a small fraction as to the possibilities with this device that they are already on to other possibilities to numerous to mention. I have included a copy of what Paul Chosse said on the Magic Cafe after receiving his Silver Shifter:

"Time to weigh in on this topic!

I have owned about every gaff there is in coin magic and some that most people have never heard of, seen, held, and certainly, never worked with.

From the Jon Martin coin holdouts to original Himber pieces, old Bartl and Conradi effects to Robert-Houdin Coin Caskets, Martinka material to more modern Connie Haden coins, Kirkendall specialties, etc. I have handled about all of Ross Bertrams personal effects, had the T. Nelson Downs coin gimmicks in my hands and used them, had original Ramsey material in my hands. I have spent time with some of the greatest coin guys in magic, including Slydini, Bertram, Milt Kort (who contributed more to Bobo than anyone), etc.

With that accumulated experience with props and performers I feel comfortable saying that I would bet that ALL the aforementioned magicians would be THRILLED with this new UTILITY COIN (that is, in fact, what the SILVER SHIFTER is). That the inventors would wish they had thought of it, that the artists would want its' sole performing rights, that the dealers would want the exclusive on distribution.

It is an amazingly versatile utility coin. I have one in my hands, have experimented with it, performed with it, and fooled everyone who has seen it so far.

Its value, though, extends far beyond its practical applications (though those are many, as attested to by other coin men who actually have one...). It is one of those advances that will stimulate your thinking. If you NEVER used the coin itself in performance, if it was a practice prop only, and all you derived from it was the mental stimulation it will DEFINITELY provide, then $50.00 is an incredible bargain. But I can guarantee that the effects that are possible, and the secret uses to which this coin can be put, so far exceed your expectations that you will stunned.

Don't be dissuaded by the naysayers here who cannot understand the principles at work. They remind me of the kids, who, knowing some cards are shorter than the others, miss the magic. Do yourself a favor and see this thing yourself!

I told Steve that I would take a look at this coin, and maybe write up an idea or two, if anything came to mind. Anything came to mind? Yikes, I can't STOP thinking! And I rarely get excited by "new" tricks anymore as those of you who know me can understand. But this is exciting! I will be sending several completely worked out pieces to Steve to use as he seee fit, I'm just that excited by SS!

And, I'm grateful to Steve and Keith for giving me the pleasure of renewed excitement over a magic prop - something I haven't felt in quite some time! Thank you guys...

Best, PSC"

As you can see the big boys are talking this one up in the Magic Cafe. I am happy to answer any questions you may have here as well. Thanks so much for your interest.

Keith A. Lack

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