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Another Free Discussion Board

Postby Guest » October 25th, 2003, 10:09 pm

We just put a new discussion board and would like to invite any one that is interested to stop by and help us design... add to, and enjoy yet another FREE discussion board dedicated to magic, mentalism and entertainment Click Here

Ken Sr.

PS... Warning this board is totally new... so it will apear like a ghost town at first... we need your help to get it up and running... our plans are to run it un moderated, with few rules... basically the only rules will be no tipping/exposing marketed effects... the board will be somewhat private so some things can be openly discussed....


Re: Another Free Discussion Board

Postby Guest » November 3rd, 2003, 1:55 am

Slowly but surly we are getting there with only seven memebrs at the time, and hoping to get more we recenlty had Martini join and begin a catagory on "Marketing Magic, Marketing for Magicians" he wrote and posted a great artical on Marketing for Magicians it can be found at so stop by if you get a chance read what Marty has to say and perhaps add your two cents...

a cool thing about the board for users with Win XP pro and office for Win 2002 is that you can click on the topic options at the bottom of the page and choose to Download the topic into Microsoft Word Version... in Word for 2002 you can use a tool called "speak text" which will allow the post to be read to you... this is nice becasue if it is an effect you are learning from a post you can have the computer read the move to you while you work it out with you eyes/hands I hope to see and hear you there if for nothing else but to read/hear Martini's post(s)



Re: Another Free Discussion Board

Postby Guest » November 3rd, 2003, 1:14 pm

I have Martini's book on trade shows.
Some of it is quite useful.

I couldn't figure out his frequent references to
calling security at trade shows, though. He has a secret signal that he sends to the salesmen.They call security and that gets the offender kicked out.

He gave the impression that there were all sorts of wicked and terrible people abounding at trade shows from obnoxious magicians to drunken louts who spoil the tricks.

I must say that although these types of people are reasonably plentiful at consumer shows I have never come across one incident of this kind at a trade show. Everyone is terribly polite and well behaved.

I contrast this to the time I sold svengalis at an outdoor market in London. It seems that my crowd was a little large for the neighbouring vendor. I noticed he looked a little irritated and I resolved to talk to him to see if I could ease the situation somewhat. However I was in the middle of a demonstration and couldn't do much at that moment in time.

A knife came whizzing over and embedded itself in the counter inches from my hand. My charming neighbour said "the next time it won't miss" I thought he was rather rude to throw the knife at me without being formally introduced. Not the thing to do in polite society.

I did a trade show in Toronto last week and lo and behold next door on the Microsoft booth there was a fellow who looked just like my attacker of 35 years ago.Deja Vu.

He seemed to be smiling when he was watching me but I didn't trust him somehow. He kept muttering to the Microsoft reps and pointing to my large crowds. I was expecting knives to come flying over from Microsoft all through the show.

I was quite ill from the stress of the show. Perhaps I should have learned that security signal from Martini even if it wasn't necessary in the end. It might have given me peace of mind.

Still, I will concede that his article on your site is very useful.


Re: Another Free Discussion Board

Postby Guest » November 16th, 2003, 8:29 am

Thanks, as you may know he has now posted part 2...

BTW as far as the guy that threw the knife at you goes you are correct, it is not a very polite thing to do, throwing a knife without at least calling you a mean name, or using some sort of foul language first is just plain ignorant. :D For future knife throwing episodes let it be known that all knife throwing should be proceeded by a, Take this or something along hose lines. Of course Im just being silly, Im glad to hear that the guy either had terrible aim or maybe it was perfect aim :mad:

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