Magic on Poirot

Discussions of new films, books, television shows, and media indirectly related to magic and magicians. For example, there may be a book on mnemonics or theatrical technique we should know or at least know about.
Bill Mullins
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Magic on Poirot

Postby Bill Mullins » January 25th, 2003, 11:17 pm

My wife likes the A&E "Hercule Poirot" shows, with David Suchet. She just bought a DVD with three episodes. In one, Poirot and his cop buddy watch a magic show in a theater. The magician does a dove pan, and then the illusion where a woman in a moth costume disappears (done, in this case, with a stopped camera and a smoke pot). Then, throughout the episode, Poirot is seen reading "A Boy's Book of Conjuring" and doing assorted effects -- silk vanish with a thumbtip; card production/vanish from back palm (most likely assisted with double-stick tape); a vanishing signet ring (using a pull); torn/restored newspaper article; and a vanishing birdcage that didn't quite work. I watched the end credits; the magician in the stage show and also consultant for the episode was Patrick Page.


Re: Magic on Poirot

Postby Guest » January 26th, 2003, 9:10 pm

I saw that episode also. I thought it was fun to have the Great Detective so intent on being able to fool his friend Hastings... also the magic presented was real magic, not some lame fake tricks dreamed up by a layman screenwriter. I thought Suchet did a fine job pulling it off, too... --Asrah

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Re: Magic on Poirot

Postby Tryphon » June 5th, 2011, 6:43 pm

I am going through the whole series. In an early episode I saw Bobby Bernard as a shop assistant in a London jeweller's, in another I saw Al Woodrow as a party guest. I keep looking for other familiar faces from when I was in London (1980s), in the Magic Circle.

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