Town Talks To Dead

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Town Talks To Dead

Postby Lisa Cousins » November 28th, 2003, 10:18 am

A "sense of spirit" is much like a "sense of humor" - not everybody has it, but it's pleasant to be around people who do. "Lily Dale: The True Story of the Town That Talks to the Dead" by Christine Wicker is about an entire town that has a sense of spirit. You're not allowed to live there unless you communicate with the dead, or at least believe that your neighbors do.

The author, in her capacity as a religion reporter for a newspaper, planned an article on this town, which turned into this book. Believers will find her tone preposterously skeptical, and skeptics will find her tone maddeningly believing, but it makes interesting reading if not approached as a call to "rally round the flag" of either camp. Also, there is a picture of Houdini in it.

But the main inspiration here is that people should really look into creating a town where everybody in it has a sense of humor.


Re: Town Talks To Dead

Postby Guest » November 28th, 2003, 7:14 pm

I have a friend who works at LilyDale ever summer. He is a psychic medium. He talks to the dead without having to go on magic forums to find them.

He is Canadian and when I asked how he got permission to work in America he tells me it is based on his standing as a psychic reverend. He had detailed discussions with US Immigration on the
matter and although they resisted he told me that they had to agree in the end because of freedom of religion.

He also worked at Camp Chesterfield in Indiana and he amused me greatly by his horror at all the billet switching and crookedness that went on there. He was quite shocked by it all. Contrary to what magicians imagine most psychics are very sincere and know nothing whatever about trickery.
Of course this may not necessarily be a good thing because they are hampered by belief.

Not that bunch in Camp Chesterfield though. It used to be run by a wicked old crone called Mable Riffle. Nothing to do with the shuffle either.

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