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Discussions of new films, books, television shows, and media indirectly related to magic and magicians. For example, there may be a book on mnemonics or theatrical technique we should know or at least know about.
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Great Site -

Postby magicbar » January 11th, 2004, 6:16 pm

I have visited a very good site called

The webmaster is from the east side of the Atlantic and can appeal to all of those people interested in bar tricks, bets and stunts. One good thing is that the site is relatively uninhabilted and is very much like a party ready to happen. The webmaster offers a free ebook to just about anyone who participates and the site is really layed out well. Hey, it is also free to join (just like Genii, get a password)

I think it is a great place for the magic community to join with the bar community.


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John Smetana
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Re: Great Site -

Postby John Smetana » January 11th, 2004, 7:46 pm

Many thanks for the info Steve. Here's another similar site on this side of the pond:

Have fun and as always,

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John Smetana

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Re: Great Site -

Postby mindcontroller » June 28th, 2010, 10:24 pm

This is not a good site at all, it is destructive to magic and its creators.

This website is clearly marketing other peoples work "passing off" as their own, they get people to create a video then pay to download the solution and share profits, there are dozens of peoples intellectual property on the site used without authorisation!

The website owner simply quotes "you cannot copyright a magictrick" no.. but passing them off as your own to profit from them, surely there must be something someone can do?

If websites like this are allowed to continued passing off, then new people to magic will never get to know original tricks or their creators, the history of magic will be lost!

And new people to magic will learn wrong and bad methods from the "kids" who are uploading bad videos to learn from to earn a quick few pounds/dollars.

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