card trick gone awry!

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George Olson
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card trick gone awry!

Postby George Olson » October 3rd, 2007, 1:47 pm

In the "video section" of Internet Explorer today there is a really funny video of a guy doing a card trick on the street in England.

I don't know how to pick it up and lead you to it :confused: . Mayby some else can.



Re: card trick gone awry!

Postby Guest » October 3rd, 2007, 8:22 pm

Greetings Mr. Olson,
It is very easy to put a link to a video or a website into an email, or a post on the Forum.

1. Go to the video you like. (On YouTube or wherever.)
2. Click on or highlight the "address" (all the names and numbers in the "address bar" toward the top of the page: such as "http://blah_blah_blah...,etc.).
3. Click "control" and "c" to COPY the address--the computer makes a mental note of it.
4. Go to the Genii Forum, start typing a response on your desired thread and at any time, click "control" & "v" to "place" or "paste" that link to your selected video into the post which readers can click and watch.
5. You can copy and paste any "internet address" this way, and forward anything you want (websites, specific articles, images, anything on the worldwide web....) to anybody you want. :cool:

As they say--"If I can do it, ANYBODY can".

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