Simon & Schuster new novel

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Simon & Schuster new novel

Postby Guest » July 27th, 2006, 6:24 pm

An intriguing new book, 371 pages, has just made an appearance. Authored by capable and first-time author, Paul Malmont, it features a fictional, but historically correct, account of the pulp fiction market that was a huge source of entertainment during the Depression era, especially. It is appropriately entitled The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril and features a young Walter Gibson as the central character. It gave me a completely different perspective of that author of numerous The Shadow publications and radio shows. The dust jacket is a a great reminder of that era and the excitement the covers of the pulp fiction stories provided.

As part of the story, we visit Blacksone, Sr., Houdini, magic shops, Orson Welles, The Great Raymond and Gibson's later wife, Litzka Raymond. Various effects are mentioned with no exposure. Gibson's role with magic plays an integral part and his romance with Litzka, if true, was revealing. This is a fun read and insightful to Gibson's character. Malmont was Gibson's real life companion, he says, and appears to speak with authority.

This is a fun romp, well written in the style of a pulp novel with villains, evildoers and action. What more can you ask of yesteryear?

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