World's Greatest Magic specials?

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World's Greatest Magic specials?

Postby Guest » January 8th, 2004, 8:59 am


Is there any way to get a tape of the old Worlds Greatest Magic Specials? I taped a few of them but I'd like to see if there was a way to get them all in their entirety. (I miss Ritter)Does any one sell them? Maybe if I bug NBC? Ideas Suggestions?


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Re: World's Greatest Magic specials?

Postby AMCabral » January 8th, 2004, 9:54 am

You could wait around and see if FX or Fox Family Channel reruns them, usually around Halloween. For a couple years, anyway, they'd do a whole week of them.

They are, however, editted in some form. I have all 5 on tape, and a couple of the shows have stuff missing. One the first one, Tom Mullica shows up to teach a trick, but his performance isn't there. And my copy of no. 5 clearly lists Goldfinger and Dove on the program (in the opening), and I remember seeing the performance when it first aired, but they're not anywhere on that tape.



Re: World's Greatest Magic specials?

Postby Guest » January 13th, 2004, 6:10 am

Did you check Ebay?

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Re: World's Greatest Magic specials?

Postby Frank Yuen » January 13th, 2004, 6:20 am

I don't think there were ever any marketed World's Greatest Magic tapes so the only ones available are recorded off of television. It would be illegal to sell these on eBay without the permission of whoever owns the copyright (NBC?) on them. Of course that hasn't stopped people from selling the Copperfield, Ricky Jay and Henning specials as well as the Bill Bixby television series, The Magician recently.

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