Jason Latimer's Cups and Balls

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Jason Latimer's Cups and Balls

Postby Guest » June 13th, 2004, 2:25 pm

you can credit Jason with "his verson" of the clear cups, but the credit for the first working routine that was also put in print in 1983, goes to Jeffrey Cambell. If you are familiar with the original Cyrstal Cups routine you can see the influence in Jasons. Including some of the moves and types of balls.

Not that I want to do Mr. Latimer's act

but since I saw this post I have been trying to

find it. I can't, I give up. Can someone please

tell me where this is at.......Thanks.....Mike :confused:

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Steve Bryant
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Re: Jason Latimer's Cups and Balls

Postby Steve Bryant » June 13th, 2004, 3:22 pm

Jason's routine is written up in the March 2004 issue of Genii, along with his other accomplishments to date. Although Jason plans to market his cups routine and a dealer has been selected, Jason wishes to hang onto it a little while until the routine is firmly established as his.

Re the quote about the Campbell routine, Jason was unaware of it when he developed his routine, so any "influence" is coincidental. (I have compared the two routines quite closely, and there is very little similarity in the moves, so the point is sort of moot.) He was also unaware of another crystal cups routine (with dice rather than balls) that was marketed in the 70s, prior to the Campbell mss. That routine was developed by Lubor Fiedler and Howie Schwartzman.

Anyway, sorry, you'll have to wait to get your hands on a set of Latimer Cups. I'd love to do so myself. They look like fun!

Nicholas Carifo
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Re: Jason Latimer's Cups and Balls

Postby Nicholas Carifo » June 20th, 2004, 11:41 pm

I have not yet seen Jason Latimers much talked about crystal cups routine, and hope to watch him work soon.

There are bound to me others experienting with clear cups for ages, whether published or not, so I wouldn't take anything away from his routine just becasue someone published something similar first.

But, in the interest of magical history here...

In the early 1990's, there was another clear cup routine developed and marketed, albeit in limited supply, by "Lee Illusions", a one time partnership of magicians Don Moody and Ray Witkowski in the Warrendale, Ohio area.

The routine was marketed under the name "The Clear Chop Cup" (I believe) and included moves and a routine written up by Tom Craven.

The Cup was a plastic, cut-crystal looking clear goblet, with a red ball. I am not familiar with the moves, but the cup in part was gimmeded with a half-length mirror-glass-style gimmick that allowed a magnetized ball to hide behind a mirror and when released in normal chop cup fashion, it visibly "appeared" under the cup.

To my knowledge, Lee Illusions does not exist anymore, however one of the partners, Ray Witkowski does still build customized illusions out of New Wilmington, Pennsylvania. I know he is a member of Ring 2 youngstown and Assembly 157 Beaver, PA if anyone is interested in the cup, history, or whether or not it is still available.

Nicholas Carifo

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