Everybody's General Metamorphoses

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Everybody's General Metamorphoses

Postby themaestro » April 8th, 2003, 1:20 pm

Okay, I'm confused about "Everybody's Card" "The General Card" and "Metamorphoses"...

in MAGIC WITHOUT APPARATUS, it says "Everybody's Card" is explained by Robert-Houdin under the title "Metamorphoses." It also says that Down's method for "Everybody's Card" is "The General Card" and is found in THE ART OF MAGIC.

In THE ART OF MAGIC it says that "The General Card" is described by Robert-Houdin under the title of "Metamorphoses." It also states that Down's method is radically different than others it cites.

T.A. Waters in ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MAGIC AND MAGICIANS says "The General Card" is sometimes known as "Eveyrbody's Card."

That all seems very simple and clear... except for one thing... "The General Card" and "Everybody's Card" ARE NOT THE SAME TRICK! The plots are not only not the same, they are almost the complete opposite.

So I have two questions:
(1)Why does everybody act like it's the same trick? I realize that the M.O. is actually the same for the first three cards selected in each trick, but the effect/plot from the spectator's point of view is completely different.

(2) Does "Metamorphoses" follow the plot of (a) "Everybody's Card"---Four different cards are selected, and one card changes in turn to the card that each person selected; or (b)"The General Card"--- A bunch of spectators all choose duplicates of the same card, the deck is also shown to be made up completely of duplicates of the same card, which then all change into indifferent cards ?

Also the description that T.A. Waters gives of "The General Card" seems more like what I've heard referred to as "The Universal Card" where a card changes to duplicates of several different selected cards--you actually see both the selected card and the universal card duplicating it at same time. While this is closer to plot of "Everybody's Card" I still wouldn't say they're the same trick; and it's again to me nothing like Down's "The General Card."

Nowlin Craver

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