Good marketing \sales magic courses?

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Good marketing \sales magic courses?

Postby Mike » April 6th, 2003, 6:53 pm

Is anyone familiar with the book Secrets of a millionaire Magician?or Secrets of a Paid Performance and or Paul Daniels new course .Opinions?Also are there other books, courses that are recommended for the sales \business of magic ?thanks


Re: Good marketing \sales magic courses?

Postby Guest » April 7th, 2003, 2:49 pm

Hi Mike,

I am not familiar with the book in question but the Paul Daniels info is coming to your neck of the woods real soon. Here is an e-mail that I have sent out to my list:

Paul Daniels says his US tour is still on. Check out the website @ to reserve your seat. Also take advantage of the buy 1 admission get one FREE for a limited time.

Here is the schedule:

Saturday April 12th - Chicago

Sunday April 13th - New York

Wed eve April 15th - Orlando

Saturday April 19th - Las Vegas

Sunday April 20th - Los Angeles

I will be at the one in LA for more ideas on marketing.(you can never know too much about marketing)I hope this helps you.

Jeff Ezell

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Re: Good marketing \sales magic courses?

Postby TheDean. » April 7th, 2003, 5:04 pm

Is anyone familiar with the book Secrets of a millionaire Magician?or Secrets of a Paid Performance and or Paul Daniels new course .Opinions?Also are there other books, courses that are recommended for the sales \business of magic ?thanks
Hey Mike,

Yes Randy's book ( SECRETS of a Millionaire Magician! ) is GREAT and so is Dave Dee's (" ULTIMATE Insider SECRETS, Kick-Butt Marketing Program For Magician\'s - Millennium Edition! ") and so Is Millard Grubb's System ( The Magician\'s Emergency Booking Tool Kit !) as well as Jim Snack's book ( Success In Magic! !) are ALL GREAT... honestly!

The question is NOT "is it worth it", the real consideration can you afford to be with-out this invaluable information. As corny as it sounds, if you ONLY learn ONE simple skill, tip, trick, technique from each or ALL of these books is it worth the time and money invested... that answer is a big-fat You Bettcha!

The point is, we've gone as far as we can go on what WE know... if you truly wish to advance, these books, systems and courses are but a mere primmer and sneak peak into the lives of super successful professional (and EACH are in this case!) and their willing ness to "tell-all" for a piddlee little investment of often way LESS than the price of ONE lousy show!

Is it worth it?

In my 30 years as a full-time performer... abso-friggen-lootly! Get em' ALL! For about the price of a couple of gigs you can own a masters reference library of "where the rubber meats the road" experience, insights! the trail has already been blazed ahead for you... just go get your share of the gold!

Hope that helps!

I am at your service and in His service,

There are a TON of great FREE resources out there too!

Start Here: The Dean\'s List, Your University of Success! FREE!

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Re: Good marketing \sales magic courses?

Postby Brisbin » April 10th, 2003, 7:35 am

Since I have most of the above-mentioned books in my business library, I can recommend them. The popular approach to publishing sales & marketing books for magicians seems to be in the adaptation of more mainstream marketing gurus' material, i.e. the presentation of the great Dan Kennedy's ideas by Dave Dee. Randy Charach's course has the added bonus of actual contact information for specific agencies and organizations in areas of cruise and college shows, for example. I would also recommend Adam Christing's "Getting The Gigs."
The bottom line (sorry for the pun) is that magic should be treated like a "business" (show-biz) in order to be successful. The personality traits that impel most of us here to entertain, don't always coincide with the other work that has to be done. Directed mailings? Cold Calling? Taking responsiblity for determining who the actual buyers of your product (yourself, your show) are, and then making appropriate connections/alliances with them...for many of us, these vital skills are every bit as (or more difficult) than mastering a one-handed faro or the classic force with a back flip.
For the ambitious student of magic and business on a budget, by all means get Stan Kramien's "Go Book Yourself!" And a copy of Joel Bauer's "Hustle, Hustle," and then scare up a copy of Paul Diamond's "It Takes Guts, Dammit!" Read business books and go to seminars outside of magic. Magic and Business, and the magic business are not for the timid, unless you want to have skinny kids.
I'm adding these comments, not because I am an expert on these things, but because I am constantly studying in order to survive and thrive in self-employment.
As always, I appreciate any opportunity to discuss and share experiences and ideas in these areas.
"No Dough, No Show" - Stan Kramien
"What the mind harbors, the body manifests." - Tohei Koichi

Sean Macfarlane
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Re: Good marketing \sales magic courses?

Postby Sean Macfarlane » April 10th, 2003, 8:26 am

I've just started reading Hustle, Hustle and am really enjoying it. This guy really is something. He certainly has balls.

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Re: Good marketing \sales magic courses?

Postby TheDean. » April 10th, 2003, 9:28 pm

Well spoke Vic!

Yes, there is plenty of great business text dedicated to, for and about magic and the performing arts... to that I say BRAVO!

Life-savers like Dave Dee and others have taken on the responsibility of appropriately and respectfully regurgitating work of the masters and have carved-out quite a niche for them selves as well as saving US the time, money and exhaustive study required to re-present such a competent text and product line... I for one am eternally grateful!

Great resources that I personally recommend include:
- Conjuring for Cash by Don Davidson (IF you ever can find a copy...)
- Any and all of the Dave Dee Stuff
- Jim Snack's brand-new release "Success in Magic!" will save LIVES in magic... really!
- Joel's Hustle Hustle is AWESOME and his Live seminar tapes are even BETTER... if that were possible!
- Randy's book(s) are cram-packed as well as his latest "Niche-Magic"!
- Millard Grubb has one of the most comprehensive looks at making real money in magic... NOW!
- Steve Hart is a wealth of experience, insight and guidance worth millions!
- Eddy Wade (KILLER, MUST-HAVE Promotions System!!!)
- Scott Hollingsworth and his monthly offering The Magic Edge is a MUST READ!
- Adam Christing's contribution is absolutely amazing and worth every penny and more!
- Paul Diamond's; "It Takes GUTS Dammit!" is a true one of a kind and has made me a TON of money over the years!
- Chris Carey and his newly re-released (and improved) book Doing the Stuff That's YOU Too!
- Stan, the marketing-man Kramian has a load of real-life experience and has put it into different works! (Plus his LIVE annual event in Oregon)
- Rick Allen and his promotional anthology that no-performer should be with-out! (As well as his monthly newsletter!)
- Jim Sisty (Spelling) and the Magic Menu. Single handedly responsible for more successful magic careers than any one else on the planet!
- Jason Juliano - The Dewgie Howser of Marketing Magic! The No BS, Instant Magic Class System!
- Ormond McGill - The DEAN of Stage Hypnosis. A personal Mentor and renowned contributor to magic and Hypnosis!
- David Ginn's Promoting Me n' You! (and Too!)
- The Bob Markwood Series... POOF!
- The Success Books from the Marshall's
- Hal Diamond - Promotion in Motion!
- Cards That Mean Business - By Heldman
- Michael Kett's Quick-Start Magic
- Sammy Smith has a huge compendium of success materials
- CJ Johnson has "More Show, More Money!" and other products.
- Timothy Hyde of Magic-Coach (If your not getting it,,, you SHOULD. It's FREE!)
- Dave Risly... if you work with kids, you KNOW this name!
- Crazy Steve Olsen - How to make $500.00 a show! (Over 20 years ago!)
- Mickey Hades (Publisher) - ALL kinds of marketing stuff for us magic-types!
- Tommy Windsor - The God Father of The Pitch for Magician's!
- Any of The Michael Ammar series
- The Dick Ryan Confidential Booking Reports! (Esp # 1)
- Dave Charvet - Banquets Magician's Handbook.
- Lots of the Flora stuff. (Not all, but LOTS!)
- Tim David
- BJ Hickman
- Jon Jenson
- John Waltz
- Jim Kleefield
- Fred Becker
- Jim Pace
- Eric Paul
... and so many others!

THIS is not even nearly all of the stuff that is out there JUST for US as magical performers... not by a LONG-SHOT! (And that says NOTHING about all the great non-magic business books and information out there!)

Honestly, I could genuinely say something positive about each-one of these astounding professionals because they all, in one-way or another positively impacted my life over the last 30+ years!

Is there lousy stuff out there... you bet your sweet bippy there is! ONE tape alone that was released only a couple of years ago, (that shall remain nameless!) if taken seriously, could single handedly set magic marketing back by nearly 50 years! It was THAT bad!

So, How do you know what's HOT and what's NOT???

It's hard to tell now-a-days... with today's technologies, everyone can "look" good, that's a givin'. (Just look at all the new so-called GURU's out there today!) Certainly one safe way is to take "recommendations" from those you trust, respect and MOST IMPORTANTLY are real-live examples and NOT just well-meaning friends. (who can't make it in this biz!)

REALLY, If you are taking advice from anyone who is not further down the road than you are, and more appropriately "where you want to be now", as far as real-world experience, than you are not getting the very BEST support and solution possible!

No-one asks a Plummer advice about the condition of your electro physiology and a need for a pacemaker... no-way! You rely on the EXPERT who's PROVEN track record is worth following! Even a "professor" of economy or marketing... head-smart, but still only surviving on a collage teachers salary, NO!

YOU WANT TO TAKE ADVICE, GUIDANCE AND FORM THE "SUCCESS" IN LIFE and in our industry... it's that simple! Everything else is JUST guess-work!

Please, DON'T take my word for it... as ANY of the FULL-TIME respected professionals here and see if what I suggest is the truth. You see, the path has been cleared through the forest for you, IF you are willing to invest in YOURSELF to find the way!

Can you do it all by yourself?

YES, you most certainly can, but WHY??? Why would you not avail yourself of the wealth of experience, insights, research, life skills and blunders so that YOU don't have to make all the same mistakes? If there is a map to success... I say just get the map and simply go-out and dig-up all the gold that's waiting out there for ya'!

With all the GREAT information available here and on the net, there is simply NO excuse that anyone who really wants to, and is willing to take the action necessary, can't enjoy a killer lifestyle in this wonderful, wacky world of show BUSINESS!!

Anyway... just another perspective from another brother out there! Hope it helps some!

I am at your service and in His service,

ALL this stuff is FREE too! Check it out!

Absolutely FREE Money Makin\' Marketing Support!

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Re: Good marketing \sales magic courses?

Postby Mike » April 13th, 2003, 8:29 am

Does anyone know where to obtain Joel Bauers live seminar tapes?thanks

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Re: Good marketing \sales magic courses?

Postby TheDean. » April 14th, 2003, 1:56 pm

Either Joe Stevens or Brad Burt, I don't remember which, but TOTALLY worth 10 times the money!

I am at your service and in His service,

Brian Marks
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Re: Good marketing \sales magic courses?

Postby Brian Marks » April 14th, 2003, 10:13 pm

Anything by Joel Bauer put into action is worth 1000 times what you paid for it.

I am not a profesional magician but I am a salesman. The best sales books in general are by Stephan Shiffman

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