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malls and retail stores

Postby Guest » July 16th, 2003, 2:05 am

Hi I recently got a part time job at Nordstorms. When I applied I didn't tell anyone that I do magic. So today when I was working three people, my manager, a girl who works there, and a guy came up to me and said can we see some magic. I was totally shocked because I didnt tell anyone in the company that I do magic and no one knew me. They found out because I had my IBM pin on my jacket, and they looked at it and figured it out. So I did have a invisible deck on me ( I have a small one on me all the time) so I did that, crazy man handcuffs and some other stuff that were lying around, doing mostly impromptu stuff. They loved it and for the rest of the day, everyone including my manager wanted me to do magic. My manager is about 2-3 three years older then me, so he is pretty cool. He said that we could probably use magic inside the store to draw in more people. Nordstorm is a fortune 500 company and they have a big budget. But the thing is I havent done any work in a retail store before. I have done corporate stuff at parties and events, but not at a store. I am assuming if I would do it I would have a table and people would come up to me, and I wouldnt be doing strolling. I also want to incorporate a sales message into the magic if was going to do it. We are having a huge sale this week, so I could use that. I was thinking of charging $800-$1200 if they want me to it only once but if they want me to do it reguarly I would charge $250-300 each time like 3-4 times a week. If anyone here has done any work in malls or retail store, please feel free to mention any ideas or suggestions.


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