Sponsorship is great!!!

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Sponsorship is great!!!

Postby Guest » April 4th, 2003, 10:52 am

Recently, I thought of going to Bridal Expos to promote strolling magic at weddings or bridal showers etc. I needed to get a booth or a table for the day to do quick and visual effects for the brides to be. The cost was $495 for the day. Instead of putting up the money, I sent out letters to local Auto Dealerships for sponsorship. What they received with the letter was a sample postcard that I made up on the computer which had a space saying 'The Magic of Jeff Ezell is Proudly Sponsored by -business name and address here-'. This card will be handed out to every bride and bridesmaid passing by the table. (an advertising opportunity for the dealership that does not cost lots of money) I received an answer the next day with an agreement for sponsorship and they cut a check immediately.

The next part of this is as follows...Not only do you get seen by a ton of people that are being introduced to having a magician at the wedding, but you also get the names and addresses of each person that is registered for the Bridal Show. These people are mostly local to you and your area so even if they do not hire you for the wedding, you can market to them directly for holiday parties, birthdays or even to come and see you at a restaurant that you may be doing walk around in. They will remember you because they have seen you live and in person. They can refer you to friends or even bring groups of people to see you wherever you are performing.

This is just another way to make money. Get sponsorship by local companies. Usually the larger companies are more able to help but. If you don't ask, you won't get it.


psYou can get info on bridal shows by getting bridal magazines from your local grocery store.


Re: Sponsorship is great!!!

Postby Guest » April 4th, 2003, 2:23 pm

Great idea.

I wanted to get a beverage company to sponser me to go around to bars and do tricks for people.

Great way to get a regular gig

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