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talent agency

Postby Guest » December 13th, 2003, 8:27 pm

Hey guys,
My brother and I went to a talent agency today. They said they were interested in us but there is a up front fee of $1295 for classes and headshots. To me that sounds like a scam, I heard never pay a agency upfront. I dont want to do it, what do you guys think. The agency is www.internationalcreativeartists.com. It is for tv, commercials and prints.


Re: talent agency

Postby Guest » December 13th, 2003, 9:34 pm

Stay away! These are people are ripoffs! Danger, Will Robinson! Here's a little info I dug up on them...

We rate this company as having an unsatisfactory business performance record.

One complainant contends that after paying $600.00 for a photo shoot, the company failed to deliver the photos.

Another complainant paid a $300 deposit for photos; however, no photographs were ever taken, no refund was issued, and the customer experienced difficulty contacting the owner about these issues.

A third complainant alleges that the ad in the newspaper led him to believe the company was an agency. However, when the customer arrived for the appointment, he discovered that the company was offering a seminar for classes which require a starting fee of $1,000.

The late Dott Burns, who was a veteran industry agent, once warned: "As in any business, there are greedy people and con artists who just want your money. Dont ever pay up front for an agent or a job. Never! And be cautious about people using the word international.(Breaking Into Showbiz: Dott's Do's and Don'ts, Pageantry magazine, Winter 1998).



Re: talent agency

Postby Guest » December 13th, 2003, 9:43 pm

That is what I thought exactly, I am not going to do it. I already have headshots that are really good, I got them taken by a photographer who worked with the best in holiday, why would I pay $1000 for new ones. I am not going to go. But what agencies are good ones that work on commissions only, I don't really want to be a actor, I just want to perform at the big private parties in hollywood or at events that only agents can get, doing close up magic. I heard you get these jobs by knowing the right people, which it is probably true somewhat.

Also can you send me that article you found on them, the link I mean. Another the thing I forgot to mention that inside their office it wasn't that clean and the walls were dirty. The ceilings were missing covers, there was a note saying "please excuse our office, we been remodeling." YEA RIGHT!

Basically any ad you seen in the newspaper saying, "Talent Agency, No FEES commercials, TV, and print work, call today" is basically a scam.

Thanks Man for find this info, I was 99.5% sure that it sound like a scam, but now I am 100% sure.

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Re: talent agency

Postby mark » December 13th, 2003, 11:00 pm

Wing, I would imagine the initials of the "agency" you mention are probably JRP? Let me just say that in our area of Cali they have a certain reputation.

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