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David Mitchell
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What to charge

Postby David Mitchell » September 24th, 2003, 6:32 am

I had a friend reccommend me for a show in a few months for christmas. I made sure it was something that I was capable of, and it turns out that all the client is looking for is some close-up table magic for some after dinner entertainment.

I live in Toronto, and the site they want me at is 2 hours outside of Edmonton.

The question is, since this is the first time I've been asked to perform this far away from what I would call me "base" area, what would I charge? Double my usual fee, triple? They said they would be taking care of the flight, and hotel booking, all I have to do is make sure I am in the right place, at the right times.

Advice anyone?

David Mitchell

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Re: What to charge

Postby Wolfgang » September 24th, 2003, 6:51 am

Hello David,
if they pay all the expenses than you just have to figure your additional time. Assuming you fly in the day of the performance and fly back the next day you basically have an extra day that you have to take into consideration. So doubling your fee is the least you can do. If the return flight connection is one that will not allow you to do a theoretical show at the evening of the return day than I would go even higher.
Having said that I would also check with my friend who recommended me what he usually charges this customer to get a feeling what they are used to pay. You do not want to be to cheap but you do not want to overcharge either.


Re: What to charge

Postby Guest » September 24th, 2003, 8:54 am

The way we work is that we ask for our fee, hotel, return airfare - business class, transportation and expense costs. Bussiness class airfare is preferable - they want you to arrive rested and ready to work.

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