Beating The Drum for Magic DMV

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Beating The Drum for Magic DMV

Postby Tabman » October 3rd, 2005, 9:35 am

Sorry but I thought I'd beat this drum one more time to see if there's anyone one else out there that has any good magic or services and they'd like to help spread the word for cheep.

Take a look at the website that's under construction at and click past the under construction sign to see the layout.

We've committed to three months half page in LR with the coming November issue. We figger that you hit almost everybody that's a club magician that way, then we will make a run in Genii or maybe both Genii and LR. I'm not used to thinking two months ahead but the magazines are very important to the magic world, at least to mine.

Years ago I advertised in both Genii and LR and it was money well spent. AND the $$ all goes to advertising not to some fat magician's pocket. A $50 buy in gets a bunch of banners and $10 gets you one. Check it out.

What am I getting out of this deal??? I get to do all the work and share equally in the cost$$$. I also get to share my magical vision with a lot more magicians this way and to do it within the boundries of a group effort which is exciting.

There's a hit counter at the bottom of the page. That should gauge the effectivity of the advertising and make progress easy to follow. We also have access to click through information.

Thanks again to Genii for this forum.



Re: Beating The Drum for Magic DMV

Postby Guest » October 6th, 2005, 9:08 pm


It's too good a bargain. Raise the prices and make them proud!

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander

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