Phone Mentalism

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Phone Mentalism

Postby Guest » May 11th, 2002, 4:41 pm

Dear guys, Im looking for sources for advanced phone tricks, again the key word is ADVANCED.
Well, here is a list of most phone effects I know:
Lewis Jones-Person to Person

Al Mann-Phantom voices
Psi Clone
Six Columns

Radio Magic
Psychological Subtleties

Karl Fulve-Self Working Card Tricks:
Long Distance 71-72
Audley Walsh The Phone Miracle 72-73 J.G.Thompson

Self Working Mental Magic:
The Faraday cage 106-108
Tele-Poker 11-13 Jack Miller

The Jinx: The Unknown Subject 47 Annemann Publicity Stunt 53 Annemann
On The Wire 137-138 Annemann
Wired Thought 201-202 Annemann
Operator Calling 220 Harris Solomon
Phoned Thots 478 Orville Meyer
Right Number 421 Kent Arthur
Weird Wire 557-559 Annemann
Forty Nine 513+524 Chas.T.Jordan

Anemann-Sh-h-h! Its A secret:
Call Me Up Sometime 4-6 T
he Bell Mystery 44-45

The Magic Of Milt Kort: Svengali of The Phone Line
Ted Lesley-Paramiracles:
Medium in Your Pocket 42-45

T.A.Waters-Mind,Myth and Magick:
Zodiaxis 265-268
Zodiaccent 600-601

Tony Cordina-13 Steps to mentalism:
Across The Void 327-329 Paul Marcus

Eddie Fields-The Greatful Dodges Of Eddie Fields:
Silent Transmission Telephone Mystery 68-69
Tell a Phony 111-112

Paul Harris-The Art Of Astonishment:
411 277-279 Gregory Wilson

Encyclopdia of card Tricks:
Number Please 325-326 Audley Walsh
326-327 Al Baker
Phil Goldstein-Doth:
Telephone Bonsai 4-5
Numpersone 12-13
Massage Units 13-14

Contimental 3-5

Greater Magic:
The Impossible Location 269 George G.Kaplan
The Telephone Trick 566 William H McCaffrey

Barrie Richardson-Theater of the Mind:
Little Jackpot Coins 177

Terry Rogers: Dollar Con

Bill Goldman: Mental Yarn

Al Smith: Cadioz Effect

Lee Earle: Quintuple

Paul Cummins: Phone Home

Roy Johnson: Dialmite

Steinmeyer: Nine Card Problem

David Regal: Mind On Line

Dan Harlan Aarron Fisher: Play Dough

Rafael Benatar: Sleight Of Phone

Anyone has anything else to add to my knowledge?

Yaniv Deautsch

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Ruben Padilla
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Re: Phone Mentalism

Postby Ruben Padilla » May 12th, 2002, 12:29 am

"Hi, is the Wizard there?"... :D
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Re: Phone Mentalism

Postby Guest » May 12th, 2002, 5:58 am

Dude, you're insatiable! Are you looking to publish a compilation?

In the first thread you initiated on this subject, I recommended Paul Curry's "Thoughts From Afar," which is published in "Paul Curry: Worlds Beyond," from Hermetic Press. Not sure why you didn't add it to your list here. It's a killer!



Re: Phone Mentalism

Postby Guest » May 18th, 2002, 7:40 pm

All time BEST phone routine I've ever seen is Bob Mason's The Worlds Greatest Mindreader.
You could start a religion with this one. MOST diabolical piece of mentalism I've come across.

Stefan Fisher
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Re: Phone Mentalism

Postby Stefan Fisher » May 22nd, 2002, 9:50 am

You mentioned Phil Goldstein's "Contimental" in your list. It's fairly simple and a lot of fun to create your own versions of this effect. The hardest part is finding a list of items that works. I've created versions for: Countries of South America, Signs of the Zodiac and selected Shakespearean Characters.

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