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New Stuff!

Postby Guest » January 26th, 2006, 8:13 pm

First things first, a brief mention of Rick Maue's new material (Yes, it's the stuff that slayed everyone at MINDVENTION)

FATE by Rick Maue

PRICE $35.00 { Deceptions Unlimited }

This is the effect that stole the show at this years MINDVENTION in Las Vegas.

What is it?

Thats the hard part, explaining what it is. Short and sweet, it is a Prediction routine or, as the name implies, a demonstration in FATE how our lives and actions are actually guided by unseen influences that lead us to a predetermined end reality.

FATE easily delivers to you a 5-8 minute, swift moving presentation that is a bit unique as well as timely, in that it is readily adaptable to todays popular Chair Prediction routines.

Rick has included enough material to allow you to control multiple outcomes e.g. those working the same facility night after night, can quickly and effortlessly change what happens, adding to the over all psychological advantage held by the Mentalist.

This piece could have easily sold at twice or even triple the sum being asked for by Rick and few would complain about it being anything other than a fair deal for the money ventured.

Also on this bill of recently released material from Rick Maue is a routine known as THE JOURNEY.

In simple terms, if you like Maxs CONTIMENTAL you are going to fall in love with THE JOURNEY.

The Journey retails for only $25.00 through Deceptions Unlimited and at that price, is a steal!

Like so much of Ricks material this is an exceptionally simple, well thought out piece of business that makes jaws drop to the floor.

The Down Side: It is only available as a Limited Release. Only a set number of copies will be put into circulation (I believe this is set at 150 total copies, I dont recall)

Either of these routines are super simple to learn and perform. They deliver the performer some amazing advantages and of course, they pack small and play big; either one being appropriate for the grand stage of any Casino or Theater or your neighbors living room.

The other great deal that's out there (and I really wish it wasn't) is Millard Longman's release of the Complete Acidus Novus study... { MVPRO } The $125.00 price tag is a STEAL even for those that thought they knew all the ins & outs of the ORIGINAL billet peek technique.

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