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Steve Vaught
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Postby Steve Vaught » October 21st, 2003, 7:47 am

Hello everyone,

I have a performance in my community in December. It will be a public event. The sponsors are doing quite a bit of advertising, plus I have two interviews with a local radio station. One FM, the other AM. I would like to go on and surprise them with a mentalism effect. It would be with one of the callers over the "air". Besides "elephants in denmark", would anyone like to offer suggestions. I found a trick in the David Blaine book "this is my card". I may use that one. I have had success with this one at the restaurant. I have the Tarbell Course, and have looked through some of the information, I have not found anything in that course yet. Does someone know if I may be overlooking a trick in the Tarbell course. Again, I am looking for something that I can do over radio, where the magic happens in their home, either they find the card or I tell them what card they selected. The latter is preferred.

Thanks for your comments

Ted Leon
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Postby Ted Leon » October 21st, 2003, 9:13 am

Banachek produced a CD titled, "Radio Magic" that you may be interested in.
Ted (Leondo)

Grant McSorley
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Postby Grant McSorley » October 21st, 2003, 9:20 am

I think Corrinda might have some stuff in 13 Steps to Mentalism, but I'm not home right now so I can't check. Also, if you are working with a caller who has a deck of cards there's a section in the Greater Artful Dodges of Eddie Fields on the Waikiki location that might play well.

Good luck,

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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Richard Kaufman » October 21st, 2003, 9:42 am

There is a book by the British magician John Wade specifically on performing magic on the radio.
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Michel Huot
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Postby Michel Huot » October 21st, 2003, 10:14 am

One simple thing you could do is (please don't scream) the INVISIBLE DECK. The caller names a card (maybe longer than just naming a card) and you let the DJ turn the reversed card over and tell the listeners what the card is. For magician it's boring, but for laymen, wow!!!

just my 2 cents (I'm canadian so make that my 1.35 cents) :p



Postby Guest » October 21st, 2003, 3:04 pm

Jim Steimeyer's Impuzzibilities has a couple of self working radio numbers including a 2 card monte. You can also try some psychological forces
ala Banachek's psychological subtleties .



Postby Guest » October 21st, 2003, 3:42 pm

In addition to the book Richard mentioned Mark Wade also has an audio tape produced by Martin Breese that has material for performance on the radio.

However,as one reply already mentioned the Banacheck tapes are excellent and more fully cover the subject.

The Wade tape covers a number of performing scenarios, mainly the role of the magician/MC or compere as they are known across the pond.

Best of Luck,

Pete Mills

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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Richard Kaufman » October 21st, 2003, 9:52 pm

Pete, I think you meant "John" Wade, not "Mark" Wade. Or is this yet something else for us to wade through?
or not.
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Richard Hatch
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Postby Richard Hatch » October 21st, 2003, 9:57 pm

Bill Goldman's recently re-issued and expanded "Mental Yarn" is a neat trick that can be done over the radio. Osterlind contributed his variation of a Larry Becker routine that he has done on the radio to Becker's STUNNERS. There is a great phone trick that could be done on the radio in Jon Racherbaumer's ARTFUL DODGES OF EDDIE FIELDS book. But I'd second those who recommend the Banacheck CDs as a great place to find practical information on this topic from an experienced professional.

Steve Vaught
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Postby Steve Vaught » October 22nd, 2003, 8:59 am

Thanks for your information. Several people seem to lean toward the Banachek material. I found a dealer. I'm going to order that today.
Say what they will, but for a guy who doesn't live in a big city(magic shops)and doesn't have a "master" to teach him, this discussion board is VERY helpful!!



Postby Guest » October 22nd, 2003, 6:51 pm

Well, here is a list of most phone effects I know:

Lewis Jones-Person to Person

Al Mann-Phantom voices
Psi Clone
Six Columns

Radio Magic
Psychological Subtleties

Karl Fulve-Self Working Card Tricks:
Long Distance 71-72 Audley Walsh
The Phone Miracle 72-73 J.G.Thompson
Self Working Mental Magic:
The Faraday cage 106-108
Tele-Poker 11-13 Jack Miller

The Jinx:
The Unknown Subject 47 Annemann
Publicity Stunt 53 Annemann
On The Wire 137-138 Annemann
Wired Thought 201-202 Annemann
Operator Calling 220 Harris Solomon
Phoned Thots 478 Orville Meyer
Right Number 421 Kent Arthur
Weird Wire 557-559 Annemann
Forty Nine 513+524 Chas.T.Jordan

Anemann-Sh-h-h! It's A secret:
Call Me Up Sometime 4-6
The Bell Mystery 44-45

The Magic Of Milt Kort:
Svengali of The Phone Line

Ted Lesley-Paramiracles:
Medium in Your Pocket 42-45

T.A.Waters-Mind,Myth and Magick:
Zodiaxis 265-268
Zodiaccent 600-601

Tony Cordina-13 Steps to mentalism:
Across The Void 327-329 Paul Marcus

Eddie Fields-The Greatful Dodges Of Eddie Fields:
Silent Transmission Telephone Mystery 68-69
Tell a Phony 111-112

Paul Harris-The Art Of Astonishment:
411 277-279 Gregory Wilson

Encyclopdia of card Tricks:
Number Please 325-326 Audley Walsh
326-327 Al Baker

Phil Goldstein-Doth:
Telephone Bonsai 4-5
Numpersone 12-13
Massage Units 13-14

Contimental 3-5

Greater Magic:
The Impossible Location 269 George G.Kaplan
The Telephone Trick 566 William H McCaffrey

Barrie Richardson-Theater of the Mind:
Little Jackpot Coins 177

Terry Rogers:
Dollar Con

Bill Goldman:
Mental Yarn

Al Smith:
Cadioz Effect

Lee Earle:

Paul Cummins:
Phone Home

Roy Johnson:

Nine Card Problem

David Regal:
Mind On Line

Dan Harlan Aarron Fisher
Play Dough

Rafael Benatar:
Sleight Of Phone

Magic and Showmanship- Henning Nelms Dial Information- Page 7

"Phone Trick" from Chuck Smith's lecture notes, titled "What
Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond:

Matchmaker 147

Thoughts from Afar 223

The Compleat Invocation:
vol 2:
Phoneme by Phil Goldstein 100-101

Dial T for Tarot by Fred Zimmermann 157-158

Minds in Accord By Fred Zimmermann and Masklym ye Mage 343-344

Radio Plus by Ross Johnson 363

Back into the Future by Dan Huffman 367-368

The Compleat Magick Vol 4:
Phonex by Phil Goldstein 29

Person To Person by Ted Karmilovich 243-244

Test Condition Second Sight By Carroll Priest 400,412,423,435,446

Phone-E-Telepath by Jonathan Cooke 512

Yaniv Deautsch



Postby Guest » November 4th, 2003, 9:29 am

Wow, Yaniv! You've done more than just a little thinking about this subject. ;) Thanks for the service of listing all of this material. Wonderful information!

Scott Wells



Postby Guest » November 5th, 2003, 6:05 pm

I'm sure it is just the tip of the iceberg...

Yaniv Deautsch

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