MINDvention Schedule & Performer Update

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MINDvention Schedule & Performer Update

Postby Danny Archer » October 10th, 2005, 10:35 am

MINDvention Schedule & Performer Update

Sadly, two of the scheduled performers will be unable to appear at the convention; Larry Becker and Richard Osterlind.

Larry is recovering from surgery and his doctor has advised him against traveling at this time. I know you will all join me in wishing Larry a speedy recovery.

Richard and I just spoke by phone and once again his agent has secured for him two corporate bookings that will not allow him to attend MINDvention. Damn that agent!

Richard feels terrible about this as do I, and as does everyone that was looking forward to seeing him perform and lecture. But these same skills we were looking forward to seeing, also make him a much sought after performer in the corporate world.

As I explained last year, the economies of scale mean that a corporate booking (not to mention two bookings!) make it financially a no-brainer when it comes to making a decision. His corporate performances are how he pays his bills, and the chance to lecture and perform at a small convention have to take a back seat to his bookings.

Richard said he was really looking forward to coming this year, as he heard so many great things about last years MINDvention. Thats why we were so careful when advertising and promoting the convention to specifically state after Richards name, (schedule permitting) and sadly his schedule will not permit him to come. Richards knowledge and energy will be missed by all, but we still have an awesome line-up of talent.

So I guess I should let the cat out of the bag and state the surprise event that was listed on the old schedule is none other than David Charvet, the author of the recently released book, Alexander The Man Who Knows. David will be presenting a lecture on this most fascinating character. I saw a truncated version of this talk at MAGIC Live! And I cant wait to see and hear more about the incredible life of one of the arts most colorful entertainers.

Another person that was a late addition to the MINDvention schedule is Rick Maue. Rick will be lecturing and performing and those that have seen him in action know what to expect, and for those that havent, you are in for a real treat.

In addition to the listed talent, (Below is an update schedule of events), there is a veritable whos who of mentalism that will be in attendance either as dealers or as attendees.

Most of last years lecturers will be back this year, just to hang out and have fun, and how many conventions can say that. Also a number of great performers who missed last years MINDvention, after hearing the incredible buzz, have made it a point to attend this year. I am really looking forward to seeing some old friends and meeting some new ones.

Gerry McCambridge (The star of the 2004 NBC prime time special The Mentalist) is performing Monday through Thursdays at the Rampart Casino. Gerry has graciously invited MINDvention attendees to see his show for free while they are in Las Vegas. E-mail me for more information.

My partner Robert Allen and I have been working hard, and we promise you an unforgettable three days in Las Vegas exploring the ins and outs of mentalism.

Thanks and Good Thoughts,

Danny Archer

2005 MINDvention Schedule of Events

Sunday 13th

Noon Registration/Dealers Opens

2:00 Harvey Berg Lecture

4:00 Panel Discussion -
Pre- Show Work

5:30 Dinner Break/Dealers

7:00 Barrie Richardson Lecture

9:00 Attendee Show effects from convention attendees

10:30 Rick Maue Lecture

Monday 14th

11:00 AM Lee Earle Lecture

12:30 Lunch/Dealers

2:30 Bruce Bernstein Lecture

4:30 Panel Discussion
The Ethics of Mindreading

6:00 Dinner Break/ Dealers

8:00 David Charet presents the
Life and Times of Alexander

9:30 Attendee Show

Tuesday 15th

11:00 Luke Jermay Lecture

12:30 Lunch/Dealers

2:00 Panel Discussion -
Topic TBD

4:00 Banachek Lecture

6:00 PM Dinner Break

8:00 PM All Star Show

Schedule/performers subject to change
Producer of MINDvention
mentalism convention

Danny Archer
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Re: MINDvention Schedule & Performer Update

Postby Danny Archer » November 6th, 2005, 7:41 am

Just added this special event ...

The Mentalist Alliance
is proud to present
Beyond The Darkness

A special look inside the world of
Theatrical Sances

Rick Maue

In 1976, Rick Maue created and produced his very first theatrical sance. And now, after almost three decadesand several thousands performances laterRick has agreed to shed a bit of light on his own experiences, including the effects, the methods, the marketing, and actual business of creating and performing theatrical sances.

This special workshop will include such topics as:

The Creation Of Effects
Magical Effects vs. Special Effects
The Pros & Cons Of Creating Fear
Portable Sances vs. Permanent Venues
Avoiding The Magic Show In The Dark Syndrome
How To Really Market Your Show
And Much More

And in addition, Rick will take everyone inside the workings of his new release
The Book Of Spirits Sance

The BOSS has received praise from a number of individuals such as Banachek, Todd Robbins, Jon Stetson, Richard Busch, & Docc Hilford. Genii Magazine Publisher, Richard Kaufman, called The BOSS a great addition to the literature.

At MINDvention, you will have the chance to go behind the scenes and see some of the hows and the whys of this unique sance performance. And it is all brought to you by

The Mentalist Alliance
Producer of MINDvention

mentalism convention

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Re: MINDvention Schedule & Performer Update

Postby Anthony Blake » November 6th, 2005, 12:23 pm

Jheff and I (co-creators of the Mentalist Alliance) along with Danny, Robert, Rick & Francis are very proud to present Rick's sance workshop "Beyond The Darkness"... it's a special gift from the membership of the Mentalist Alliance to our fellow attendees at Mindvention...

It's going to be a great convention and special event... stop by the MA booth to say hi and get your ticket to the workshop...

Looking forward to meeting you all...


Tony Blake
Co-Founder/The Mentalist Alliance


Re: MINDvention Schedule & Performer Update

Postby Guest » November 16th, 2005, 5:54 pm

Just got back.
First and foremost, Rick Maue, Rick Maue, Rick Maue... ROCKS!!! My world was tossed around in the most delightful way by this man's thinking. He has one of the BEST lectures I've ever seen. Every effect was gold! I immediately want to put in all those effects into my act!!! D-A-M-N he's good! Oh, and he's funny as H-E-L-L

Rick, I'll be sending you a stapled monkey in the mail (sorry for the inside joke, guys, but I can hear the milk squirt out of Rick's nose as he reads that)

What was the hit of the convention? Lincoln's Best Boon stole the show!! All the working pros were buying them up... two and three at a time. He couldn't stop selling or taking future orders... which might never happen as this could just have been a Mindvention special. A complete sell out at the convention!!! His boon was the talk of the convention. One pro would see it and send another one to check it out. If he puts it out then run don't walk to get this item!!

Barrie Richardson will amuse and amaze any audience. He is a delightful man who cares about his performances and his audiences. His sense of timing is fantastic. With one arm move to his shoulder he made the whole house burst with laughter. Watching him work inspires me to work more at what I do. And on top of all that he is the nicest guy in mentalism and probably on the planet. He's the Mr. Rogers of mentalism and I mean it in the best way.

Luke Jermay! Yes, doubting Thomases, Luke can do what he says he can. If you thought his books were filled with flighty ideas and impossible notions then you are DEAD wrong... and Luke will prove you're dead by stopping YOUR pulse!! What a brilliant thinker and performer

Lee Earle was his usual genius self. With his thinking you can see all the years he has put into mentalism. Every nuance, line and method has been worked out. If you want to learn Q & A then see Lee. Oh, and the new book test is a beautiful thing.

Mark Strivings debuted a brand new mentalism prop that has you predicting numbers in a big way. This is not just an effect... it's an act onto itself.

Tony Blake and his partner also debuted a new product: E.S.P Chips. They were also a big hit and the ads will soon start appearing in the trade magazines. Look for them... lots of routines inside and more to come.

Bruce Bernstein gave one of his great lectures. He simplifies methods so you can work on your presentations.

Our Ran Pink was around doing his Center tear to all those that wanted to see it up close and personal.

Jheff Poncher also came out with two new books. One callled The Shuffled Mind deals with mentalism using cards and his other book is a complete ESP mini-act using marked ESP cards. Both have some great ideas inside.

Banachek gave a lecture and ended the last night's show. Do I need to say anything here? It's Banachek. C'mon, the man's a god of mentalism.

It was great to see some faces I knew and some I hadn't met before. Hung out with a lot of the young guys on the last night and just spent the night telling funny stories. A great time!

So many new names and friends that it would be hard to put the list here. It was great fun and I'm already planning for next year... apparently I'm going to give a lecture... I've got to start working on my balloon animals!

And now for the real award: Kudos, applause and much love to Danny Archer & Robert Allen for putting this together and spending their time, blood, sweat, tears and probably lack of sleep!! You guys know how to put on a show!!!



Re: MINDvention Schedule & Performer Update

Postby Guest » November 17th, 2005, 3:56 pm

Mindvention was fantastic, and I am still overwhelmed by the response to my products and ideas from all of you. Sure, it was great to sell out of the stuff, but the best feeling was had from hearing such kind words of support from the "big guys" in the biz who I have learned so much from over the years. It is very reasuring.

Just to let everyone know, I am DEFINATELY going to have more of "Lincoln's Best Boon" and "Lincoln's Perfect Pocket Pencil" available soon. I will anounce on the forum as soon as they are packaged and ready to go. I don't want to take any orders until I am sure I can fill them, but they will be coming out. The specific "Deluxe Package" was a mindvention exlusive at the price because it was a VERY expensive package to put together. Since there is so many people that want it, I probably can buy my materials in bulk to ge the cost down enough to sell wholesale to the shops. I promise to have something similar available directly from myself ASAP. Then hopefully before X-Mas I can have something put together for the magic stores.

I am currently physically making/casting each boon myself, and I have strong quallity controll, so it takes along time to put it all together.

Thanks again for your interest, and to all those that purchaced them, thank you.


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