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Mental Paper FX

Postby Guest » April 5th, 2002, 3:34 pm

Hi...has anyone heard of a seemingly impromptu mental effect whereby magi tears a piece of paper into 6 equal pieces and writes 3 pairs words ("Love", "Hate" and "Rage" in the version I saw)- 2 slips for each of the three words. Magi takes 3, spec is given other three and each crumple their 3 slips into a ball...shuffle in hands..and lay out each set of three in two horizontal rows on table. Magi picks one ball from specs row...spec than picks one up from magi's row. THEY MATCH. This is repeated two more times as the magi's and spec's word match.

Now I know some miscalling was involved...and several other principles COULD have been at play here...but just wondering if anyone knows if this is in print someplace.

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