A mentalist dream

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A mentalist dream

Postby Guest » June 28th, 2007, 1:42 am

Has anyone here seen Google Maps Street View? So far it is only in a few major cities. Type in a city like San Francisco, choose a street, zoom in, and you get a 360 degree view of the area at street level. The detail is amazing.

Every call I get for private events I type the phone number into a reverse phonebook to get the address and then a real estate program to find out the value on the area. Now I can see a picture of the house.

I probably sound like a stalker but the amount of the information you can get is amazing.


Re: A mentalist dream

Postby Guest » June 28th, 2007, 4:04 pm

You can also get sat photos of many area and see the back yard and landscape views.

Somehow, stalker/peeper work does ot appeal as much to modern mentalists......

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