Footnote to spoon bending thread.

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Footnote to spoon bending thread.

Postby Guest » June 8th, 2004, 2:22 am

I agree with Jacob that Kaufmann is extreme in kicking people out. Especially me.

In fact it is quite disgraceful because he likes me really. He sent over a customer to me recently.

I propose a compromise. For those of you who miss me dearly I can be found at
You will have to behave yourselves over there though since I am a moderator and a very important person.

The deal that I offer is that I will stay away from here and anyone that is pining for me here can come over to the Danny Hustle place. Those that want me can come over to the other place for an occasional visit and those that don't can stay here.

It is really a site for buskers but they do talk about magic too. And of course I talk more than anyone else.

Everyone gains from this proposed deal. Dustin and Richard gain because they get peace from me and the disgruntled members that miss me can come over to get their Mark Lewis fix. And those that would prefer to fix Mark Lewis can stay here and discuss midnight shifting.

There. I have come under a white flag of truce to deliver the message. I shall now leave.

Mark Lewis


Re: Footnote to spoon bending thread.

Postby Guest » June 8th, 2004, 11:58 pm

I hate to say this, but I was actually making a joke about the use of the word kick. He didn't type "kick out" in his post, and I got the mental image of Richard actually kicking someone (sorry about any misunderstanding that may have generated). As for kicking people out, it is his site.

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