Mesika Wallet

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Mesika Wallet

Postby Guest » January 1st, 2006, 10:34 am

Just to give you guys the heads up... I spent a couple of days helping Mesika with his orders and he showed me one of his older products that didn't sell well, but I instantly saw a better use.
He calls it the Mesika Wallet and it's a nice hip-style wallet made of nice leather. The original function was to get a signed playing card into the wallet's zippered compartment, but he found many of the dealers didn't want to learn the Mercury card fold that is required so they rarely demonstrated it.
But it has another use... it works much like the SUC and PJ and other wallets.
So you can have a business card half way out and NW then open the wallet and pull out your business card from a zippered compartment and show the prediction. Or PW and fold up the billet and then slide it in as you open the wallet. The wallet is a nice size and can be used as everyday wear and can hold everything you would mostly hold in your wallet. If you flash the back without a billet sticking out then it pretty much looks like the back of a PJ or SUC
When I showed Mesika these ideas he was startled because he had not thought of that was merely a card to wallet for him.
You can see the ad here:


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