I'd like to raise the subject of P-writing.

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I'd like to raise the subject of P-writing.

Postby Andrew » December 14th, 2003, 7:10 pm

this site is visible to everyone so I hesitate to raise what I think is maybe the neatest form of concealed writing ..known as PW. John Riggs and Mark Strivings have written some stuff on it. Riggs' work is terrific. I know Docc Hilford has great routines using it. Can anyone recommend other good sources of ideas and techniques? thanks andy


Re: I'd like to raise the subject of P-writing.

Postby Guest » December 15th, 2003, 11:20 am

There's a site that advertises a suitable pen, called the Derringer, and I looked at my copy of Corinda, which doesn't feature this specific technique, but does give this suggestion about writing the prediction:

When "writing" your prediction, search for a pencil, and pull out a large, obvious, pencil, from an inside breast pocket.

Write the prediction, and put the pencil back in the inside pocket, while putting the prediction in your right-hand trouser or jacket pocket, the idea being to disassociate the writing instrument from the prediction in minds of the audience.

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