'Invisible Tarot' by Enrique Enriquez - review

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'Invisible Tarot' by Enrique Enriquez - review

Postby Guest » February 16th, 2007, 3:00 pm

Master of the propless reading and author of the brilliant 'Invisible Gemstone', Enrique has done it again with his small but perfectly formed 'Invisible Tarot' ebook.

Taking the idea of 'no gemstone' over to the idea of 'no tarot', Enrique has created a novel and evocative way to connect with someone and give them a unique reading experience that they will not forget using no tarot cards whatsoever. Not only that, it's incredibly fun to do, creates a strong bond between you and your client, and creates an openness and edgyness that only this kind of 'seat of your pants' style reading can give you. It's one of those things that you may at first be apprehensive of trying, but after a couple of goes you can't wait to do it again, which is what many people found with the 'Invisible Gemstone'. Looks good on paper, is great fun when you first try it, and then your mind races ahead with all the ways you can go with it to make it truly 'yours'.

Of course this is not for the beginner and more than a passing familiarity with the 22 trumps of the major arcana is required. However, anyone who's given readings for even a short period of time will have at least the major arcana committed to memory.

This system is very simple, but it is more complicated than the 'Invisible Gemstone' concept as quite simply there are a lot more visual cues in the major arcana, even if you are simply 'remembering' the cards. But there's a lot lot more to it than that! Don't be put off from buying this thinking 'it's just like the invisible gemstone but with tarot'. Well, it is, but it isn't. The way that Enrique decribes how to lead yourself and the client into a meaningful and useful visualization is what the contents of this ebook are all about. You can create extremely deep and exploratory readings using this system which goes way beyond what is capable with 'Inivisible Gemstone'.

With three examples of real life readings to show you just how far you can take things, and with a subtle twist which can add a little bit of 'wonder' to readings should the opportunity arise, 'Invisible Tarot' is yet another treat from Enrique which will eat away at you until you pluck up the courage to put it into practice. And when you do you'll be glad that you did.

I now have TWO things that I like to do on the spur of the moment when asked to do something, and alternating between I.G. and I.T. may be just about the most fun you can have giving readings to the extent I may leave my cards behind forever.

As I know that nobody carries tarot cards with them, or gemstones, but they ALL have a palm, I am good to go with three types of reading. The worst case scenario is that a guy with no hands shows up who has brought some stones and a Marseilles pack with them - then I'd have to resort to using props.


Re: 'Invisible Tarot' by Enrique Enriquez - review

Postby Guest » February 17th, 2007, 8:28 pm

What, you don't read head bumps at the drop of a hat?


Re: 'Invisible Tarot' by Enrique Enriquez - review

Postby Guest » February 18th, 2007, 7:43 pm

First, let me say, I don't know Enrique though we exchanged some emails last year And I hope his ebook does very well
So why am I posting
I started doing readings 30 years ago while recovering from major throat surgery I worked , at the time at psychic fairs, then held in enclosed shopping malls We had every kind of reader working there ar one time or another Astrologers, numerologists, hand writing analists, aura readers, reikii therapists and more Ninety percent of the business went to Palmists and Card readersThese were divination methods people knew Later in the decade rune stone readers got some play but nothing compared to the card and palm readers Again familiarity I met Herb Dewey in 1980 I had stopped working the malls but he still was working for the same promoter He said , when he started he used no devices And drew very little business He caught on and bought a deck of cards Business , he said boomed
My point in doing readings the prop can add rather than detract

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