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Postby Guest » July 28th, 2007, 5:22 pm

Astrologic is the culmination of years of work on astrological sign divination by Alan Nu. It is obviously a labor of love.

It is hard to know where to even begin to do Astrologic justice. Some of this has been scattered in bits in pieces in Alains previous books and publications. But it has never been brought together like this; Alains earlier work unfolds and weaves together until he achieves an end result that is simply groundbreaking.

What Alain has essentially done is take the branching anagram method that most of us are familiar with and integrate it with his iconographic methods. In doing so, he has created what he calls Synthanagrams. Alains methods allow you to move fluidly between letters, images and one other, simple type of probe. You appear to be receiving a mix of different types of impressions that allow you to divine signs for one or more people.

Alains basic branching anagram, Signagram, is one of the best. He provides a way of memorizing it that is both straightforward and logical.

His Zodiesque method for a larger audience will make you smile. Probably the simplest sign divination possible. Very disarming stuff.

Zodiattack is Alains work with branching things other than letters. This version is also in his Nu Secrets and Realities but he takes it to new (Nu?) heights via the Synthanagram. And Alain provides three different forms of Synthanagram.

If that werent enough, he convinced Christian Chelman to let him include his approach from an effect in Capricorn Tales that allows you to divine the participants actual birth date. Alain took the method which involves a prop and made it propless by combining it with his own work.

The end result is undoubtedly something that will take commitment to perform properly. But until you have it down, there is nothing to stop you from having on hand a killer phone effect. You can even do it over a speakerphone with more than one person.

All this and Ive still just scratched the surface on the contents of Astrologic. Alain shares his research into the origins of branching anagrams, he gives up his philosophy on how to present this kind of work in the most powerful way, he shares his audience tested ways of minimizing perception of error, his doppelganger approach to giving readings and an approach to preshow work that may actually be something new. I know Ive never read the likes of it before.

And finally he gives us, A Hypothetical Stage Show Scenario wherein audience members, including a challenge scenario, receive brief readings and have their signs divined one, two and three at a time. When all is said and done, you have interacted with and read the minds of 8 participants, finishing with revealing the birthday of one. No props, nothing written down. Just pure mentalism.

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