Monkey vs. Psychic

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Monkey vs. Psychic

Postby Guest » January 17th, 2006, 8:34 pm

I can't remember the name of the show but acouple of months ago a psychic debunker decided to put the towns most famous psychic against the local zoos most famous monkey. By the end of the show in ten different tests with three trials in each the score was:

Monkey: 10
Psychic: 3

Amazing isn't it. But it brings to mind something else. I have heard (and as a psychic debunker, I don't believe it is anything other then intuition) that animals are psychic. This test alone is not enough to prove as the monkey only had to get 2 out of three trials to get 1 point in a test. But it would be interesting to test over the long run.


Re: Monkey vs. Psychic

Postby Guest » January 18th, 2006, 4:58 am

It just proves that the typical magicians in a monkey suit can out fox a psychic (think abou tall those tacky tuxedos guys wear...)

My entire show focuses on the topic of INTUITION and I tend to tone down all the hocus pocus "super" natural ideas so many tend to suffer from. By making the psychic experience something they can relate to, that feels "natural" and hosts a more logical (less mystical) sense of perspective, the audience is more responsive as well as appreciative. I'm kind of able to have my cake & eat it too, in that I can allude to something being "real" by telling folks the truth about INTUITION and "correcting" their perspective on the more fantastic.

You say that you are a "Psychic debunker" does this mean you go after the actual predators or soft targets, like the local table side readers?

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