Raxon Billet Technique & Final Exam

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Raxon Billet Technique & Final Exam

Postby David Regal » April 19th, 2002, 11:34 am

Where does one learn the Raxon technique? Also, "Final Exam" - is it good?



Re: Raxon Billet Technique & Final Exam

Postby Guest » April 19th, 2002, 4:12 pm

The Raxon Master Billet is a video and booklet. The video is NOT studio quality and in all honesty is about as exciting as those high school education films we used to watch as kids. That said however, this is THE move that Raxon used to use in his act. It is one that will require a fair amount of finese and practice to get down smooth but is one that I have no doubt would be in the working repertoire of Bert Reese.

It really does look as if you hold the billet to your forehead, lower it, raise it to your forehead again and reveal the contents and then hand it back to the person. The booklet and video cover everything that you could possibly want to know in using this move including how to perform it compeletly impromptu. It is worthy of learning for anyone interested in billet work.

Final Exam is OK but personally I prefer to use Ultimate Flashback which I have used in various ways in my stage show for years. Between that and MOABT, it can't be beat. If however you have an interest in booktests, then it's OK. In other words I am not saying that it is not workable, it is but it is not the be all of booktests. It's just another one to include in the long list of standards. Nothing break through here.

If you want more details, drop me an e-mail off-line.

PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat


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