What a Night!

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What a Night!

Postby Guest » August 31st, 2005, 6:08 am

What a Night!

My good friend escape master Rich Viano (Lavengood), cardician Michael Paul and myself drove all the way across the wonderful state of Massachusetts to Bostons Mystery Lounge where we were treated to a most enjoyable nights muse; Jon Stetson, Simon Lovell and an enactment of THE BOSS sance by Francis Menotti & Rick Mau.
One hell of a show!

My only complaint about it the dang stairs (and too many magicians). Given the fact that it takes place in a Chinese restaurant I think Stetson was right its the only place to on earth to know magical experiences at the same altitude as the Llamas of Tibet.

Jon did his linking finger ring routine which was most excellent; then came Simon

What can I say, its Simon Lovell. If you havent seen him perform you owe it to yourself to catch his off Broadway show in New York City.

Then came the Sance

How can I put this?

Years ago I had the uncomfortable pleasure of having to follow Carl Balentines act and needless to say, it was like prying eyeteeth from the audience to get a reaction after such hard hitting comedy. Such was the fate of Rick & Francis bringing a slow moving Sance demonstration into a post-comedy hour+ well, its simply suicide. I personally feel sorry for anyone having to follow two hard hitting performers like Jon & Simon.

Unfortunately we didnt have time to hang out with the gang after the show given that we had that long 2 hour drive back to the western part of the state, but it was very much a pleasurable evening.

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