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EBook review

Postby Guest » December 2nd, 2007, 8:57 am

I posted this in "Light from the Lamp" but thought it also deserved the attention of those interested in mentalism.

Im at the LA History Conference visiting with my friend Tom Baxter. Tom is one of the most knowledgeable performers around.a real guy who knows his stuff, but a guy who not many know, which is their loss.

Anyway, Tom says, Let me show you something, and he starts quickly running cards from hand to hand saying, Think of a card you see. Now, Im not the best audience for this because I know how it works, so I say, Sure, and suddenly, one and only one card forms an image in my brain from those that are flowing past my eyes. It was weird.

Tom shuffles the deck, takes one card out of the deck, puts it on the table and does a short pump.black or red?.....high or low?.....and with nothing further asked, he tells me to name my card. I tell him the Four of Spades. He directs me to turn over the single card laying in front of me and theres the Four of Spades staring me in the face.

He then proceeds to fry me with about a half a dozen variants all on the Think of a Card theme..cards fanned, cards dribbled. I dont take a card, I simply think of one that occurs to me as he passes them in front of me. He gets them all. This is extremely subtle work and Tom knows it cold. It shouldnt have worked on me..but it did.

Tom demonstrates his surety of his technique by doing it on several people as we visit with others at the conference. He gets the thought-of card every time.

At dinner I ask him to show my wife who has seen her share of magic and is very hard to impress. She is stunned.repeatedly. No take a card out and put it back, she finds most of that boring. With Tom its just think of a card you see as I run through the deck. My wife is impressed.

He shows me the technique. Amazingly, the core is in the literature, its in Erdnase and several far older texts, but not well explained, so no one does it. Years ago Tom made this subject a study and has been doing it for real audiences for years. Its one of the things that sets him apart from other people who do mentalism. What he does looks impossible, but he does it with confidence and regularity. He knows the insights and nuances that are arent described in the books. As I said at the beginning, Tom knows his stuff.

Luckily for the trade, Tom has written down his years of insights and experience and put them in an e-book. Hes selling it for the absurd price of $35 Canadian, absurd when you understand the quality of information youre getting. Books like this where a quality professional tips his work - dont come along very often. If you want to ramp up your skills and impress laypeople by finding cards that have been thought of, this is what you should buy.

Click the link and send him the money by PayPal. Youll be glad you did.


David Alexander


Re: EBook review

Postby Guest » December 3rd, 2007, 9:12 am

Thank you David.

I'm pleased that a fellow professional sees the value in what I've put together.

To make sure that people understand, the e-book deals with methods using a normal, shuffled pack of cards.


T. Baxter

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