The Big Trivia game

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The Big Trivia game

Postby Guest » September 26th, 2007, 4:08 am

Hello workers
I will soon put an ad in Genii , Magic, Linking ring,MUM etc about the Big Trivia game.
Until then you can go to
look under the Trivi Tab.
It's for mentalists/magicians, MC , corporate wokers.
you can email me at
it is 10-15 min of a special game that everyone uses their cell phone and its about the marketing message the company wants to deliver.
This BIG and Special and I am very proud about this original idea.

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Re: The Big Trivia game

Postby kenguru » November 5th, 2007, 6:38 am

I had time to check Lior's Big Trivia Game and I think its brilliant. If you liked Lior's Mobile Opener you will LOVE this.

If you do corporate work this is a superb add-on to your show (you can either up-sell this or use it as an extra bonus to get the job), but its definitely not limited to corporate work.

If you do school shows, theme shows, family shows you can use this. In fact its so versatile my head started spinning from new ideas on how to use this. Its fun, involves the whole audience and has a surprise ending.

Its not a magic trick, so there is no method to worry about (no sleight of hand, gimmicks, electronics etc.), and you can fully concentrate on by-play with your audience.

Lior gives you a lot of material with specific details on how he used it in his own shows through the years. You can see how he customized it to different themes, and you also see a lot of his creative ideas in those examples (all from actual performances to real clients).

In the video Lior walks you through a few different presentations, you see the actual ones he used and hear Lior (and also see him in a small window) walking you through each presentation so you get to experience what it would have been like to be at the show. These are actual presentations he did for real client in the real world and not some made up examples done just for teaching.
All though the video you get tips on how to sell this to your client.

Next Lior takes you through the process of how to build such a presentation with the client - again a real world example. Lior gives examples of how he built this one to really drive the client's messages home to the participating audience. He does this using a few ploys like humor and clever construction of the game.
You then see footage of Lior performing the Big Trivia game to real audiences at actual events. You see different presentations and can see how powerful this is. People seem to enjoy themselves, they laugh a lot and you can see how easy it will be for them to remember all the important information the client want them to know - get the gist of it while having fun.

On the DVD (apart from the video) you also get examples of games Lior already did (again real time stuff he actually did). You can use these as a basic presentation you can use to build you own. You also get the complete manuscript explaining everything in details.

I can see mainly two kind of performers using this (although it can be easily used in many other situations):
1. If you are already a corporate performer you can up-sell this for a lot of money to your existing customers.
2. If you are trying to get into the corporate market, this will surely help you clinch the deal.

This is not for the amateur or the curious (its not even a magic trick), but if you are a professional (especially if you are or you want to be a corporate performer), don't hesitate because of the price - you'll more then get it back with your first gig.

Just to clear things - I have no financial interest in this or any of Lior's products, I am just very happy with the quality of his products and had only great experience with them (and him).


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