Needing Some Feedback

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Needing Some Feedback

Postby Guest » February 8th, 2006, 10:22 am

Ok, I'm in a rather unique situation in having to get creative and generate an income source that does not require me to "perform" e.g. I'm stirring the grey matter and getting creative (I know, that's a very dangerous thing to do, but someone has to).

At the encouragement of a few friends, I decided to join the "I'm a Sell-Out" club and whore out a few of these thoughts but I want to know what you guys think about certain items... the first is a thing I call THE SCRYER'S SEANCE BOX.

The Medium removes from their satchel a small wood & metal box wrapped in a fine piece of velvet. The antiquity of the box is rather obvious at first sight, but the mystic explains how they happened to acquire this device; a scrying tool used by their mentors mentor in days now long gone, for communication with those that have passed over to the other side.

Opening the box, the Medium removes a simple clear bottle, a pendulum and small urn as well as some papers upon which the attending my pose their questions.

The pendulum is dropped down into the small bottle, locked into place by a simple cork.

One by one, the medium drops each slip onto the hot ember set within the urn, the question slowly smolders and burst into flames.

The circle is set, with each participants hands set comfortably in about the box as the Sance begins.

Slowly, the pendulum begins to swing all on its own, gently rapping against the side of the bottle, lending reply to the questions put forth.

 No thread work
 No Magnets
 The Box, Bottle & Pendulum are 100% inspectable theres nothing to be found!
 Can be Repeated; responding to as many questions as you have time for
 Pendulum action is always under your control
 You can do this routine anytime, anywhere, without pre-show or special set-up
 Could be used in a strolling/close-up setting
 Completely Self-Contained!

My question is, do you think it a commercially viable concept and if so, what do you think a fair retail price would be on it?

This effect will come with the wrapping cloth, DVD Instruction & Demo Package and everything you need for doing it. The limited slight-of-hand that's involved is nothing other than Bert Reese 101 (basic billet work) and the rest is so simple a 5 year old could master it in less than an hour's time.

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