Lectures & Workshops

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Lectures & Workshops

Postby Guest » July 1st, 2002, 7:04 am

For several years now I've had folks asking me about doing lectures, workshops, etc. Like so much of my life "health realities" have gotten in the way several times but, we are going for it... scheduling some "Bonus" lectures entitled "READING IN ROUTINE" and a closed "Reader's Workshop" throughout the OH, PA, MD, NY/NJ, and Boston areas now, thru mid-October.

Some dates are already confirmed... Nonetheless, I'm posting this info for another reason... wanting to know what, about doing Reading work, you would want to know about?

Very few in mentalism specialize in this area... at least, as I understand it. For me, Readings and Q&A styled work are my strongest area of skill and it works well for me. I do not use much pre-show info (though I do have some clever and underhanded methods for getting it...) yet, I have delivered insights on patrons that blew the mind's of most learned mage witnessing the shows.

Some have stated that I have something special to offer... others have told me not to offer it and "keep it in the family" so to speak. The bottom line is however, I'm not certain how to approach these requests, what to cover and not cover, whether to make the bulk of the lecture "technique" that is "trick based" vs. expose' of my methods (which are covered more indepthly in the workshops).

I'm just looking for feedback... any and all would be appreciated.

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