Houdini - The Straight-jacket Release - E-book

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Houdini - The Straight-jacket Release - E-book

Postby Guest » September 18th, 2007, 7:16 am

Available on www.stores.Ebay.co.uk/thebookbay or from our shop www.thebookbay.co.uk
Price GBP 2.49

Harry Houdini - The Straight-jacket Release - Digital E-Book

Originally published in 1910.

We are selling an e-book, in pdf format*, of Houdini's account of his method for escaping from a genuine straight-jacket - otherwise known as The Straight-jacket Release. There are seven pages of text and two illustrations - plus a cover and short bibliographical notes.

Re-selling rights are not offered.

*Files in pdf format can be viewed with the free application, Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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